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  1. Mastanamma, I hope to see you still alive and well 10 years from now. You're only 107. There are people who are 117. Stay healthy and active, and I wish you the ABSOLUTE best!

  2. Please kindly tell me what kind of red chilli powder you used. Because how much red chilli powder I put the colour does not become red like yours.
    I have also tried using Kashmiri red chilli powder and Degi red chilli powder but still it doesn’t have the same colour like yours. Thanks

  3. Hey Guys don’t give these guys money, I personally went to their village and someone from their area told me that these guys don’t give any sort of support to Granny, Both the boys have left their jobs because they are earning from you guys. Don’t Support Them

  4. Love this channel and Granny is beautiful, very skilled and charming. Who is the lovely lady who is helping her with all the prep work too? We could all learn much from living off the land as our ancestors did, the importance of family preparing and sharing meals together and being self supporting as this family and this village is.

  5. hai grandma i love u so much..i wish to send her a pattu saree from malaysia..can admin send me your address ?i wish to see grandma in pattu saree…u can email me ur address sir..

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