Delicious Bottle gourd Recipe By 106 Mastanamma

Delicious Bottle gourd Recipe By 106 Mastanamma
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World oldest youtuber cooking delicious Bottle gourd Recipe


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  1. Guyscan u pl put subtitles too n wat iteams c is putting in d video side by side pl . It vll b realky helpful esp for a gal like me who is new to kitchen n is bachlor pl .

  2. Is Granny doing ok health wise? This is an old video. I know how my Granny was so I understand about privacy. I still love the videos new or older

  3. The 9 people who down voted this must not have taken their medication today. How could anyone thumbs down Granny? She is the Queen……and FYI Queens don't need to wear Sari made of golden threads, bangles of platinum and have henna-ed hair or hands while sitting on a throne doing nothing all day waiting for the Almighty to take them. Granny is queen because she is independent, simple (as in not dependent on modern conveniences), she still is active (and of sharp mind), and she is kind. As she once said, "I never ate alone". How many people can say that?! Let alone say that and be almost 107?! Granny= kindness.

  4. why cant u comb ajjamma's hair..put new saree to her…n put jewels like ear piece and one small simple chain during making of videos…we all know she has lived village life all her life and is from old neednt prove it portraying her in ragged are making so much money using her should portray her like a royal…esp for her age experience and heart…public respect her no matter what ..yet public dont want to see her the way you are portraying…isnt it people

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