BLOOPERS: 2 Weeks In Bangkok

BLOOPERS: 2 Weeks In Bangkok
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Watch the 2 Weeks In Bangkok series here:

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  1. You are so ready to learn even if you have erred, that is the most amazing thing. Enjoyed the video. You couple are a real heartfelt compliment to each other. Ying and you Mark are always Children at heart. Love you guys.,?

  2. Mark you I always I really enjoy watching your videos, every time I get home from work I watch 3-5 of your videos, I wouldn’t watch anyone else making food videos but you! God bless you and your beautiful family, I’m from El Paso T.X

  3. Ha ha..That was awesome..I love it when Ying is goofing around, makes faces, or says something funny, and you both start laughing! ^_^ thumbs up

  4. Mark…..I've waited long enough!!! I want to see a video of you and the times when the food tasted like hot garbage. I know everything isn't THAT good. I understand you gotta protect yourself and your "BRAND" and you don't want to be telling the world NOT TO EAT AT CERTAIN PLACES…so in that case, save some of the food you thought was terrible and do a video in private as to NOT HURT THE BUSINESSES you did not like. But hey…look at Gordon Ramsay!!! The guy would eat at your grandmothers house and tell her that her famous meatloaf tastes like a box of kitty litter to her face!!! I wanna see a glimpse of the Mark Wiens who tastes something and says "Uhhhh, that taste like SHI*!!!" LOL. It's all in FUN Mark. Let's see a "MEAN WIENS" !!!
    I'm waiting on YOU Mark!!! Get back to me.

  5. I'm new to watching your vlogs. I am a 60 year old disabled woman. So I have a lot of time on my hands. Could not have enjoyed watching, when I was part of the working world. And I much prefer watching you and Ying.

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