Big animal fights – natures heavyweights face off!

Big animal fights - natures heavyweights face off!
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Natures heavyweights face off – big animal fights! This took me a while, I hope you guys like it! This video is made for educational and entertainment purposes. A good video is you like lions, tigers, bears and other big animals going at it!

Funny gym fails with only the best clips on the internet:

Lion fight part II –
Giraffe vs Lion –
Elephants fight over water –
Python vs Lion –
Crocodile bites elephant trunk –
Hippo vs Crocodile –
Rhino kills buffalo –
Lion vs bear –
Cougar vs bear –
Tiger fight –
Lionesses attacking male lion –
Buffalo kills lion –
Lion attacks elephant –
Grizzly bears fight –
Wolves vs bear –
Cougar vs bear 2 –
Buffalo fight eachother –
Lions vs zebra –
Giraffe knockout –
Wildebeest fight –
Hippos fight –
Hippo vs lions –
Shark vs shark –
Elephant vs crocodile –
Zebra kick warthog –
Muskox fight –
Crocodile vs Wildebeest –
White wolves vs bear –
BUffalo launches predator into the air –

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  1. @3:25– I've seen this on Nat Geo and this alligator swims into the crowd of hippos trying to kill the baby hippo..wellllll it got owned.. passed around like a hooker at a bachelor party. But sadly one of the baby hippos got caught in the crossfire and was accidentally impaled by an adult hippo and soon died. Very sad…but the alligator learned a lesson and now takes the long way around. Just safer apparently.

  2. I have seen some of your video and so far you did an excellent job at every video my good man, I can't tell you how happy I am to find someone who is honest in his titles and his contents for his viewers, you earned a sub.

  3. there is two easy fakes ! look at the bear ! in what region could that happen check original video ! not meaning the mountain lion lol cause yes that can happen

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