Animals SAVING Other Animals!

Animals SAVING Other Animals!
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Check out these animals saving other animals! From a dog saving another dog to horses sticking together, this top 10 list of amazing animal rescues is incredible!

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11. Dogged By Traffic
We’ve seen it in a thousand movies and TV shows, the heroes end up on a busy street and have to bob and weave through traffic in order to both stay alive! But you’d be surprised how many animals find themselves in traffic with no way out. In Santiago, Chile, a dog got clipped by a car, and couldn’t drag itself out of the way.

10. Save the Horse!
There are many times when animals will band together for a common goal. Getting food, building shelter, etc. But sometimes, it’s surprising just how conscious they are of what they need to do in a dire situation.

9. Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs are usually rivals. They are rivals for the affection of humans, they don’t seem to like each other, and it’s often been played up by the media and even cartoons! But, in nature, anything can happen, including one saving the other.

8. No Monkey Business Here
It’s a fact that one of the biggest dangers to animals all over the world is humanity. Not just that humans hunt animals, both legally and not, but our actions and constructions directly affect them. Which is proven easily by this story of a monkey in India.

7. Don’t Touch My Baby!
In the wilds of Africa, there are a lot of predators you’d be wise to avoid. One of the biggest ones though are lions, who aren’t afraid to chase down and kill bigger animals in order to get their food. And in this case, a pride of lions decide to go after a baby Water Buffalo. Perfectly within their capabilities. Yet, once they do, that’s when things get crazy.

6. Stuck In The Mud
Elephants are among some of the most majestic creatures in the world, and yet they are subject to countless dangers and trials that other animals face. Besides poachers, and predators, they also have to worry about getting stuck in a vat of mud.

5. Hopping Along
When you think of a kangaroo you probably picture it bounding along the plains of Australia. Or of a Joey hanging out in its mother’s pouch! But what happens when something happens to that mama kangaroo bounding across the plains and the Joey is left all alone?

4. Dig Those Holes
Here’s a great story of a parent doing what it takes to save their family. A forest fire in Chile threatened a family of ten dogs, a mother and her nine puppies. To save them, the mother dug a hole under a metal container, which is extremely clever and a great presence of mind under some very stressful conditions!!

3. Two-For-One Special
If you’re stuck in a river without a boat, usually, you’re screwed. But in Kenya, a Wildebeest and a zebra found themselves saved by an unlikely ally…a hippo!
Hippos can be very dangerous, and are known for being one of the deadliest animals in the world!! But in this instance, the hippo went out of its way to save these two baby animals.

2. Whale Of A Tale
One of the oddities that the ocean throws at us sometimes is when whales become stranded on beaches or sandbars. Scientists are still trying to make sense of why this happens because as of right now, it remains a mystery. When it does happen though, it’s big news. One time though it had a happier ending than most.

1. I’m Drifting, Dog
Anyone who has been canoeing or kayaking knows that the worst possible thing that can happen is for you to lose the ability to row. If you have no way of guiding your boat, the river will do it for you, often with severe consequences. So what happens when that situation occurs…with dogs?

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  1. i'm a registered wildlife carer who raises joeys and there's no way that a joey that young is getting out of the pouch to look after itself and then getting back in. For starters, they can barely stand at that age, and secondly, they're too frightened. Last place they want to be is outside of the pouch, so it would have been there since she died. One of mine, Princess, only just started coming out of her pouch and learning to hop 2 days ago, and she'd be at least 2 months older than this one. Joeys are about as big as a jelly bean when they're born, and very undeveloped, so this one is around 4/5 months old. My other joey, Peanut, is at the stage of getting in and out of his pouch and looking after himself, eating grass in between the 3 bottles he still needs, and he's about 2 months older than Princess, but they'd still need their mums for quite a few months to come.

  2. Licking wounds is actually good and it makes them heal faster. I learned this after spending a lot of time in the wilderness in the Army Reserves.

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  5. earthquakes are happenning as I predicted 30 years ago Stand fast, go to a little higher ground, with good volcanic and tidal histories. You'll be ok.

  6. Augie Doggie got along fine with my five cats. Orbs kept her in line.
    Orbs was a 6 lb tortie terror that beat up pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, weasels twice her size, rattlesnakes. So you can imagine how easy it was for her to put a 60 lb Auggie in her place.

  7. @6:00.. picture this.. a 9yr old boy at a movie theater with mom/dad, dad went to get popcorn the boys points at the screen with a big elephant that was happy to be there, "Mom what that big long thing hanging there on the elephant?" "Mom the tail" "No mom the other thing" "Oh that's nothing son..and gigged'' mom leaves her seat the boy goes through this with dad finally dad says " What did your mom say son?" " Mom said it was nothing and giggled" "Son Ive been spoiling your mom for all these years" ..Whats the biggest draw back on this planet?.. a elephants foreskin… lighten up life is too damn short..

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