17 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues by Real Life Heroes #17

17 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues by Real Life Heroes #17
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Real Life Heroes Compilation 2019 Part 48 Restoring Faith in Humanity [ Good People ]

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REAL LIFE HEROES – Part 17 Faith in Humanity Restored https://youtu.be/ITFAPFrQAOs

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  1. After watching the hatred, anger, and despair on nightly, I turn to these videos. The acts of simple kindness and sheer courage make sleep come easier. It reminds me of the poem by John Donne:
    No man is an island, entire of itself;

    every man is a piece of the continent,

    a part of the main.

    If a clod be washed away by the sea,

    Europe is the less,

    as well as if a promontory were,

    as well as if a manor of thy friend’s

    or of thine own were.

    Any man’s death diminishes me,

    because I am involved in mankind;

    and therefore never send to know

    for whom the bell tolls;

    it tolls for thee.

  2. I have tears streaming down, and so will u! ive seen so much ugliness that this is truly miraculous!! Perfect strangers helping when THEIR lives are put at risk! I've done it myself! but its not about me, its about everyday people who in the blink of an eye actually SAVED ANOTHER HUMAN FROM ALMOST CERTAIN DEATH OR UTTER DESTRUCTION! with no thought of themselves, unthinkingly and almost assuredly no thanks risked everything!! I'd do it each and every time! it really did restore my faith, I was almost lost,then stumbled on this site accidentally. im glad I found it!l! Truly and remarkably miracles and saviors…all my hat goes off and my heart is renewed! thanks to all,ur MY heroes!!!

  3. I love these videos. Though, I think it's kind of sad when simply helping others is considered "heroic." To me, it's just basic human kindness.

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