Thotakura(Amaranthus Dal) Pappu By Granny Mastanammma

Thotakura(Amaranthus Dal) Pappu By Granny Mastanammma
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Thotakura(Amaranthus) Pappu By Granny Mastanammma


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  1. We miss her and she was a phenomenal lady and amazing human being and rest in peace lovely angel and her story is amazing ?????⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️??????????????????❤️

  2. Love you Dadi Maa…This remind me of how it was cooked back home. Thats why they said….Swad hath mein he…Really taste is in hands nit in spoons or forks. I will definitely try although it wont be of same taste Dadi Maa 🙂

  3. Que linda mi nana compartiendo con sus niños esa comida preparada con amor, casi casi puedo saborearla. Dios bendiga tus manos estés donde estes nanita sin conocerte me inspiras tanto cariño. ❤️

  4. She is so sweet feeding the children first, i hope she had enough for her self, I would like to know who the kids are & how are country food is related to her,

  5. I have a couple of questions, would love to know 1. Why do they put oil on the bottom/outside of the pan ? 2. I notice granny always circles the fire three times with the pan before putting it on the fire ? why ? thanks a bunch ! I want to go visit granny ! Love her videos/family…

  6. How peaceful they all are while eating yummy ghar ke haath ka khaana.. One big thing which most of us lost in concrete jungles for the hunger of money..

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