Biggest wild animal fights – Musical EPIC HD

Biggest wild animal fights - Musical EPIC HD
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This video contains scenes of wildlife is the best and newest. HD
Exciting scenes of battle , hunting & Attack predators.
Epic and motivational songs.
HD & Full Screen.
Ultimate Predators: Tiger – Lion – Jaguar – Leopard – Cheetah – Crocodile – Bear – Wolf – Heyna – Wild dog – Eagle –
1:Dj Pablo – On the Battle
1/5:Position Music (Danny Cocke)- Sinister Intent (2012 Epic Action War Electronic V
2:Critical Mass- Fatal (Epic Action Massive Hybrid Rock Powerful Electric Guitar)
3:Dj Pablo – Fallen Angel
4:Extreme Music – Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)
5:DJ Pablo – Let’s Go
6:Globus – Heaven Help Us Europa Instrumental
7:Mortal kombat theme song ( metal version )
8:Mortal kombat Main Theme (MK9)(Hard-Trance Remix 2013)
9:Audiomachine – Lachrimae (No Choir)


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    Who's watching This In JANUARY 2016?

  2. Another decent video with totally fucking crapped out music.  More than half of these individual segments are not 'fighting';  they are predatory in nature, not aggressive.  Another thumbs-down PoS.

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