Watch How This Woman Befriended A Wild Fox | The Dodo Soulmates

Watch How This Woman Befriended A Wild Fox | The Dodo Soulmates
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This wild fox has been visiting Dora’s backyard for years, and now they have the most magical friendship.

Please note: Dora never hand-feeds or pets Faith or any of the other foxes that visit her garden. Keep up with Faith the fox and her visits to Dora on Instagram: For more of Dora’s work with foxes, visit:

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  1. So this woman thinks touching the fox means claiming ownership of it but she's okay with naming it? Yeah that's some logic right there.

  2. Oh pleaseeee.
    There is no spiritual connection here. You fed the fox, the fox came back.
    She’s a frikin hippie who thinks her backyard is “a sacred place”.

    If you pet her either she won’t mind, or she will. Nothing mystical about any of this. ??

  3. Ok she over did it about stroking her or petting her claiming ownership and actually the fox would love that affection and love ,its transformed energy of feeling safe.. but its her life her think her loss actually

  4. It's I true though, when she claims owner ship to Faith, Faith might think she has to come back against her own will. But when Dora doesn't claim ownership of Faith she knows that Faith visits her by own will

  5. This kind of stuff gives me that warm fuzzy happy feeling inside while sitting at my desk in some boring office job

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