Steamy Pork Ribs Stew Hot Pot (Day 17)

Steamy Pork Ribs Stew Hot Pot (Day 17)
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On Day 17 of our trip to South Korea, we took a day trip to Jeongeup and visited the old house of Gim Dong-su, had a fantastic bowl of pork ribs stew, and a healthy Korean herbal tea.

00:24 Gim Dong-su House – This is a historical preserved home of Gim Dong-su who was a wealthy man. You can walk around his house and see how the elite formerly lived in Korea. Also, next door there is the Gwon Beon Culture and Art Academy, and we saw some traditional dance and enjoyed some traditional Korean tea.

5:11 Paepijeong (배비정) Restaurant – For lunch we drove over to a city called Jeongeup and went to a restaurant to eat pork ribs stew. The restaurant was old Korean style with the wonderful barrel can tables. It took a few minutes to prepare our food because the entire hot pot of pork ribs stew was made from scratch as we ordered it. It was well worth it, the meat was good and the mixture of all the ingredients was delicious and home tasting. Price – 10,000 Won ($8.68) per person.

9:31 Mu Du Rang – 7,000 Won ($6.08) per cup – Ssanghwa cha (쌍화차) – Jeongeup is famous throughout South Korea for its healthy herbal teas and drinks made from herbs. So we stopped at a cafe and had a delicious healthy tea that was made with twenty different ingredients.

12:53 Naejangsan National Park – 3,000 Won ($2.60) – Naejangsan National Park is a national park in South Korea that’s famous for its maple trees. We walked around for a while and visited the temple. Again, the nature in Korea is beautiful, and the maple trees, in full green and yellow colors, were beautiful.

14:45 Sangchu Twigim (상추튀김) Restaurant – For dinner we drove back to Jeonju and we went to a Korean snacks food restaurant called Sangchu Twigim (상추튀김). We ordered some of the most popular Korean snacks including gimbap, twigim, and some fish soups. The food was pretty good, but honestly I’m not a huge fan of Tteokbokki. Total price – 17,000 Won ($14.76) for everything.

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Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs, but all videos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

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  1. I like your videos as they are well thought out in content. However, I wish you would show Ying more, her facial expressions are very cute! Also, surely there isn't a need to stuff all the food you are eating in one go into your mouth? Whatever happened to etiquette? Please try to sample your food in smaller portions!!

  2. These places are the very local parts of Korea. Yeah these are so good to travel but not popular and well-known. If say Naejang-San (Naejang Mountain), it is recommendable to foreigners. Anyway I guess it was good trip.

  3. I'm a die hard fan of PORK & KIMCHI . I wish some day technology evolves and let us smell the flavors through video or via live stream. Some might be calling me crazy after reading this… Pardon me then.

  4. i would like to see you use better table manner your wife ying has a very strong respect for manners so please improve your you are father now and you do need to show mikea manner

  5. Love your videos and I love your wife. She's doesn't wear make up. I never care if I wear a lipstick or not. I feel sticky if I put on make up plus she can always smile. You are one lucky dude.

  6. You should feature Ying more…I’d love to know her opinions as a Thai! Does she like Korean food? What’s her favorite non-Thai Asian food?

  7. Mark, my husband asked me today why I watch you when I can’t eat the majority of what you present on these videos. I answered that I love the travelogue portions of your vids. I get to go with you on wonderful trips I can’t take because I can’t leave my house. And I try to imagine the foods because sometimes I can make a version that I can eat, like the rice cakes in the sweet spicy red pepper sauce. I love tagging along with you. Thank you so much for taking me with you to korea.

  8. that looks delicious and piping hot. I imagine you have to be very careful and be careful not to bring small children because the parts are so hot and boiling. but it sure looks delicious and would definitely warm you up on a cold winter day. I wish I had some LOL LOL. I know my mother made so many different dishes she is no longer with me but I don't forget her pot of dishes and food pork ribs short braised ribs always homemade coleslaw the woman was a food goddess. Anyway watching your vlogs lets me know how much wisdom she had and how great of a cook that she was which I consider it more of a cook someone who can truly feed your soul. keep enjoying your travels and the food good food good meat good god let's eat!!!!??

  9. Sesame brittle is so good I was just to get it from the Indian store I liked it more than peanut brittle. very nice mansion! very nice history and culture I like the dance also. Happy travels??

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