Prawns omelette by 106 Mastanamma | Country foods

Prawns omelette by 106 Mastanamma | Country foods
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Delicious Prawns Omelette by World Best chef Mastanamma


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  1. delicious i want to cook this but i dont know where to get curry leaves in philippines. thankyou country foods for the cooking tutorial. i dont know how to cook, so very easy for me to search something in this channel ❤️?u grandma?

  2. 51 viewers hated this video, wow come on, whats there to hate? you got beautiful scenery, delicious omelette and last but not least a sweet lovely granny.

  3. I think this was your best recipe! ??I'm a lover of sea food and prawns is my favourite! Granny those kids are so lucky to have your hand made food, I wanted to have one omelette too! ? Great job as always granny and the crew! ??????

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