LEFT COAST Artisan Burgers – Best Ever Food Review Show

LEFT COAST Artisan Burgers - Best Ever Food Review Show
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Today we check out Left Coast and learn why the cheese must come from within.

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Left Coast: https://www.facebook.com/leftcoastkorea/?fref=ts

Korea food restaurants review
Itaewon food
Melting Monkey
Best burger Juicy Lucy


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  1. wow, amazing how you started you journey as a youtuber, I wish if you make a video on how you started this and why, I am sure it is an amazing story to hear 🙂 a peace 🙂

  2. You're from St. Cloud and you didn't mention the original Juicy Lucy controversy in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Did you try them?

  3. Dude could you imagine if this actually was your last food review you came a long way since this man keep eating the crazy shit bro your fucking great at it ??.

  4. Lol I've been binge watching your videos since I discovered your channel last week. Decided to go back and check out some of your old content. Loving your work, super entertaining. Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Sunnyside, thank heavens you were incorrect that this was your last review video. I must say the only thing possibly more cheesy than the Lucy would be some of your comments (keep them coming).
    Being raised just above the US Midwest, (Ontario, Canada) where hockey was our game and, probably much like you, I spent a lot of time in the 'punalty' box…Ah thank you very much, Peace out.

  6. Best Ever Food Review Show …. we LOVE you
    Every SonnySide video is Quality

    *the directions and quick run through the streets are cool visuals in this vid

  7. Best Food Review Show …. EVER!!
    Every SonnySide video is engaging, informative and extremely entertaining… and he is eye candy too!!
    DONT Sell out… we need you to bring your wonder and joy to our world ….

  8. Ive always liked this place. Ive had everything u had. Alllllll great! The owner is a nice guy too. I think you finally found your calling with food reviews.

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