Eating At A Remote Temple Outside of Penang, Malaysia | Malaysian Food Treasures

Eating At A Remote Temple Outside of Penang, Malaysia | Malaysian Food Treasures
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Malaysia has some of the best food in Asia. Whether Malaysian street food or hawker food, it’s all top notch in Georgetown. I came to Penang to eat and decided to leave Georgetown and find something a little different. After eating Penang street food for a week, I wanted to eat more street food, but somewhere else. I had a local friend bring me to a little temple in Bukit Mertajam.

Right beside the temple, there was a a couple small hawker stalls serving fresh noodles. I was so excited! When I saw the stalls I just new that we had to eat there and that it was going to be a fun experience, right in front of the temple!

We ate Bee Teh Bak, a fat and short rice noodle soup served with lean pork and fatty ground pork. It was really simple and hearty.

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  1. u should visit at morning and night , there will be a morning market so there will be lots of food stall will be open, also in the night, there was alot of people will come to have supper.
    The wanton noodle beside bee tai mak was also delicious ! it homemade and the taste was soooo good !

  2. OMG.. You the first international food critic that goes all the way to discover the best food in the nook and corner of Malaysia..i am from this small town and they have plenty more great food to be had……thank you Trevor James..

  3. the soup with the pork and noodles looked nice. you do a great job describing the flavor. from watching you i think im learning chinese

  4. If you're really into noodles, you can make a trip to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan! Popular dishes include Hakka Mee, Cuttlefish Rice Noodles, Wantan Mee, and Fishball Noodles!

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