Dog rescued almost dead – watch what happened!

Dog rescued almost dead - watch what happened!
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We rescued Tony from the street in India. He is now fully recovered and lives in Animal Aid Unlimited’s sanctuary.
Every 4 viewers who donate just $5 will save the life of one of our new rescues. Every little bit is vital to continue our life-saving rescues in India :
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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. 生きようとする力は素晴らしいですね。

  2. Some of the injuries I see inflicted on these poor little dogs is staggering, I will never understand why anyone could hurt a loving animal so viciously, the mind boggles.

  3. Que gente tan inhumana, como insiste en dañar a los más vulnerables, no lo entiendo, eso que le psso al perrito no se lo hizo el sólo, gracias s esos ANGELES HUMANOS, SALVANDOLO DE UN DEZTINO FATAL, ?????????

  4. "In all that pain that little warrior still waging his tail….What a strong heart..Humans have to learn from animals…"..God bless you animal aid india…God bless u all

  5. Please show complete recovery. Allah bless you guys amin. I can't see this video from open eyes its heartbreaking injury. Thanks for saving this precious soul

  6. The compassion of those doing the work to save these dogs is very moving. The spirits and strength of these animals to show their love and compassion toward people is even more moving. Thank you to all those doing the work of rescuing, rehabilitating and loving these beautiful creatures.

  7. His pain must have been unimaginable. I hate to think of how long it took for someone to do the right thing. At least now no one can ever hurt Tony again.

  8. The laws on animal abuse need changed there. Cruel people need to be fully prosecuted. Until you hold them liable for their actions they will continue to do this far more needs to happen to save these animals aside from vet care. Be their voice, speak loud and make change. great job saving this pup

  9. I have a kitten & i swear if someone evil touches her. You don't even want to k'now what is going to happen trust me! That country really needs help. Thank you @Animal Aid Unlimited, India

  10. Mais graças a Deus, tem pessoas maravilhosas e cheia de amor que resgataram e ajudaram ele obrigada a vcs pelo o amor e carinho e tbm por amar os animaizinhos…♥️ parabéns

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