Amazing Local Thai Food in Koh Samui

Amazing Local Thai Food in Koh Samui
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Read the full restaurant review here: but you can read more about this resort here:

On Day 2 in Koh Samui (be sure to check out Day 1 if you haven’t already: ) we woke up after a great night’s sleep at Santiburi Beach Resort. The first thing I did in the morning was take a morning swim – one of the best times to take a swim with the sun is not strong, the water is calm, and it’s peaceful and quiet. After a swim in the ocean at Mae Nam beach, we continued onto breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast was a buffet style, and it was pretty typically of any hotel buffet – including all the stations of different types of food. I went straight for the omelet, and loaded it with chilies and fish sauce. Breakfast was excellent.

After finishing breakfast, we headed to Santiburi Country Club to take a quick tour of their golf course. The course is the only full course on Koh Samui, and it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Thailand. We drove around the course on a golf cart, stopping at some of the main holes to get a wonderful view of Koh Samui.

Then it was time for lunch… and this turned out to be one of the best lunches and probably the best meals I had in Koh Samui. Food in Koh Samui is sort of hard – there are many Thai restaurants that cater to tourists, and at those restaurant the food can be good, but it also might not be that good. It really depends. But in my opinion, one of the best ways to find the best restaurants in Koh Samui for local southern Thai food is to go to the roadside, or neighborhood local curry and rice restaurants, in Thai called Khao Gaeng. Recommended by some staff from our hotel, we headed over to Lan Saka (ร้านลานสกา) for lunch. We arrived right at lunch time, so the restaurant was busy and unfortunately some of the dishes had already sold out. But they still have plenty of curry left, and so Ying and I ordered a nice selection of different southern Thai food to eat. We ended up ordering about 5 different dishes. The gaeng moo (แกงหมู), pork curry, was curried in a thick and rich coconut milk curry and the curry paste flavor was vibrant. We also ordered a chicken curry which was equally as good. All the other dishes were also excellent, and it really was probably the best Thai meal I had in Koh Samui.

After lunch at Lan Saka (ร้านลานสกา) restaurant, we headed back to Santiburi and just hung around all afternoon enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and transferring to different lounge positions. It was an excellent day in Koh Samui.

That completes Day 2 of our short trip to Koh Samui.


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  1. I love love your videos you are the best in explaining everything and also pronouncing the names of things in thai well done Mark xxoo

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  3. Last month I was researching to go on a holiday to Koh Samui. On my google search Mark's video was listed. Since then I haven't stopped watched Mark Weins videos. Thank you Mark for very informative food traveling videos.

  4. I love your videos. You get straight into it and don’t muck around!! Love the descriptions of the food you are eating – and the head tilt!!! Keep up the great work ??????????

  5. Well ying is so shy and I think she's nt the tipe of girl who wants to be on camara all the for sure she loves traveling wt mark..great job guys..

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