Amala about Animal Rescue & Blue Cross Animal Shelter | Amala Interview | TV5 News

Amala about Animal Rescue & Blue Cross Animal Shelter | Amala Interview | TV5 News
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Actress and Social Activist Amala Akkineni talks to life is beautiful about her fitness regime, Blue Cross organization, and many other topics. Lets Watch Video for More about Amala in her words.

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  1. Nice thought I am saluting to you madam if you give me a chance I will be a slave madam this is my request my number 7013 50 8938 I will wait for you call

  2. Mam in my street so many dogs giving birth and they are dying because of accidents.You can gather people who love dogs and any animals can keep as volunteers in hyderabad,and who are having dogs they want some identification card then the population of dogs will in our control.No street dogs ,no suffering dogs because of accidents.I think God only can do this.My heart is broken when I saw a dogs dead body on the road because I below middle class and I am not having any support.

  3. Amala garu pleace dont catogarise. All animals and insects are part of the world including Hens, Gotes, cockroches, ants. Don't discriminate. Cockroches are never disease we humans are virus for this planet. All animals and Insects deserv to leave. Only vigans are true animal lovers. Rest of all showcase

  4. బ్లూ క్రాస్ ఫోన్ నెంబర్స్ పనిచేయవు . ఒక్క కుక్కకి కూడా షెల్టర్ ఇవ్వరు. పెంచుకునే కుక్కలు తీసుకోరట. రోడ్డుమీద కుక్కలు ఎలాగైనా రోడ్డుమీద ఉంటాయి అలవాటు అయిపోతుంది ప్రాబ్లమ్ అంతా పెంచుకునే కుక్కతో . పోనీ రోడ్డుమీద కుక్కల్ తీసుకుంటాం అంటే అదీ లేదు ఆపరేషన్ చేసి మళ్ళీ వదిలేస్తారు స్టైల్ కోసం కొన్ని కుక్కలు తెచ్చుకొని గ్లాసులలో పెట్టి షో చేస్తారు గవర్నమెంట్ డబ్బులు మింగుతారు.

  5. Ok medam miru kukkalani chapodhani kortki vesharu kadha mari mekalani kollani chapocha medam ooooooo ok ok vatni champakapothe miku mamsam dhorakadhu kadha. Kukka mamsam yelagu evaru thinaru ane ga vatini chapodhu annaru ok

  6. Naku street dog ki chala help cheyalani inreset kani maa family members ki ela inreset undadhu kani naku ela cheyali ani na dream Meeru maaku oka avakasham evandi

  7. Amala garu nadhi oka middle class family… Naku Mee la dogs ki seeva cheyalani inreset undhi Meeru oka help cheyandiii naku chala inreset animals Antae pls oka avakasham evandi

  8. Mam ungala enakku romba pidikum , neenga romba varusham nalla vazhanum mam, kadavul ungala eppovum aasirvadhippar, I love u so much mam, naan unga movie ellam parthirukken, neenga nalla actress kooda, thanks mam.

  9. Seriously Amala Garu..okasari rabies videos chudandi entha mandi pillalu chanipoyaro…me jali kosam pillalni champestara blue cross aa dogs Ni pattukelli penchukondi…plzzz don't kill innocent children…

  10. Amala garu many of them killing animals in the name of Bali to God…plz change dis …save them plz plz …and some stupids uploading such videos Nd mking us them plz I beg u

  11. Amazing Amala gaaru Amazing Hands of to you madam you have realised that they too are the living beings and you are doing all these things but still now madam in my area numerous animals were being harmed so, by seeing that I feel so sad i wanna to take them to my home but I can't do that madam because I am a 15 years old boy and that too I am a middle class boy but I promise madman I am feeling so sad so madam pls think of this once and as I said that I love animals so to prove that despite of my middle classiness I am breeding one dog pet that's "Chitti" its my worlds best friend. Madam I wanna to join in your society but I have to study so mam if is it possible I will do like u in my future. Thank you madam!

  12. AMALA AKKINENI….bless you for rescuing the dogs/animals…I hope mor actress and filmy people get involved to rescue and sterilized the street dogs….I recently saw a clip about the starving dogs of the Himalaya and the harsh winter of 6 months with nothing to eat…probably survive on garbage….AMALA, it would be blessed if you could organise help for the stray dogs of the Himalaya…THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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