GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #6 (Top Fails)

GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #6 (Top Fails)
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GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #6 (Top Fails)

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  1. Here's a Rockstar logic, go into any vehicle that has a turret, find a spot that's pretty flat and aim as far up as you can. Now find a spot that's on an incline try pointing the vehicle both up towards the top of the incline and down towards the ground. The turret doesn't go up like it did on a flat surface.

  2. u love the arena vehicles because the off chase if someone annoys u by STANDING ON UR HOOD u can pull up. ok buddy, and tone it down a little bit ur reactions seem fake

  3. Whenever i got into a sniper fight, i meet the most toxic and tryhard player. Sons of bitches does'nt even miss a single shot. This does'nt even rages me that they are killing me what rages me more is that whenever they get hit, fuckers will blew themselves up just protect their worthless shitty K/D .

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