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  1. Awe,
    Animals are so amazing and such awesome creations and such wonderful parents in one way or another!!!! I raise ducks myself and those babies sure can get through some really small openings, especially new born!!!

    Thank you cameraman &
    Thank you Phoenix Firemen!!!!

    All of my love and the love, blessings and grace of our LORD & SAVIOUR unto you and yours today and for always!!!!

  2. The human nature is wery strange. Humans can put so mutch effort to do things like this,and save animals. But after they have done it they go home and eat animalproducts that comes from the cruel animalindustri.

  3. One of those guys bought that ladder, he's known as 'giant ladder guy' in the station and he demands they use the giant ladder at all times. J/K it was cool to watch this, I didn't know the fire department would even come out to do this. The duck has to be thinking, "so I just quack a few times and a team of humans will rescue my entire family? Have to remember that."

  4. OMG, you guys are great!!!!!!!! TY so much for your compassion! This should be the main news on the news channels. Not that crap about all the other useless stuff!

  5. So great to see it. It brings back hope for everyone. When someone can feel safe like the ducklings did it's so wonderful. Thank you Wonderful People of the Phoenix Fire Dept! Thank you who have been so kind enough to give attention to a desperate mother. May THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL!

  6. In Newark, California about 20 years ago, there was a mother duck and her brood trying to cross a busy road. I tried to help and there was just too much traffic. I called the fire department and the local police, both of them said it was not their problem!!! The police referred me to animal control and when I called them, they said since the ducks were wild they could not help. This was in a city and there is no local fish and game department near by. After that run around on the phone, 2 other people stopped to help and they got the ducks to safety.

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