BABY FOXES UP CLOSE – Beautiful Animal Rescue

BABY FOXES UP CLOSE - Beautiful Animal Rescue
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Anneka visits tiny, VERY CUTE, baby, fox cubs and helps feed them at The Fox Project in Tunbridge Wells

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  1. you can see this man knows what he's doing, i respect him for taking care of those foxes and making sure they go back to the wild, wild. 🙂

  2. LOL I like how your eyes light up, when ever you see an animal, or the babies of that animal lol awesome stuff!! I just subscribed and Im an animal lover myself, but I wouldnt be getting to close to some of the animals ive seen you with tho! loool keep it up

  3. As the "dominant" species (a term that has been used throughout the ages as an excuse….) we have a great responsibility to be stewards of our big and beautiful planet and all its darling creatures. I agree with the shows hoast completly. We need to be gentle on nature and we must champion nature. Peace and love to all, a loving heart.

  4. Anneka, I love your passion and caring for animals, I feel the same way, not only that you are a kind person, you're also funny, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when you pretended to sneak the baby fox away hiding it inside your vest, hehe.

  5. I love foxes… regretfully how you know if someone is not as compassionate as you might have thought : if they LOVE participating in The Fox Hunt and that whole ritual of rubbing the blood of the fox on the cheek of the child who is being introduced to it then you know that this might be somebody who could be a little bit on the heartless side.
    I could see parts of the Fox Hunt being fun : the thrill of everybody getting together and being in their cute little outfits and having their morning drinky-poo and riding out in the fresh Countryside with their friends and they're in Pursuit… it must be very exciting ..

    …..but when you think about what happens next between all those crazed dogs and that little frightened, breatheless fox and then how it's usually torn to shreds and just how awful,how Bloody awful it is …how could anybody enjoy that unless they are a little bit on the heartless side .

    I remember reading something by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and she was reminiscing about how much she loves and missed fox hunting.. it was one of her favorite things and that pretty much showed me a secret window inside her soul.
    Perhaps she was talking about every other part of it without the actual killing of the fox ..I don't know I always thought she was a little bit on the calculating side.

  6. I have a pet fox! Not sure it’s legal here in my state but I rescued her after noticing she was screaming all the time and mother never returned.

    I never noticed a time when she ever got unfriendly towards humans… Winey and bitchy a bit demanding yes… but that was a phase that lasted only a month and seems to be a way they test things out. ever since that point she been an absolute cuddle bug! Even my dog doesn’t follow me around as much as she does and she even learned typical tricks you teach dogs like sit, stay, come, follow, even taught her “timeout” where she goes to her corner and waits me me to call her back.. even give that depress noise and head down walking away thing.. LOL.. she knows that means she been bad

  7. Oh my dear. If you only knew what atrocities people do to foxes in Russia!! It would break your heart! We still have places where hunters take their dogs to let them grip and tear to pieces tied and tortured wild animals!!! They call it training! We can't make our government stop it because all of them are hunters! It is shameful!! It is inhumane!

  8. Foxes are beautiful animals they need to be kept wild as they grow you need to back off very slowly to keep them wild fantastic chanal many thanks Gary Smith from England united Kingdom

  9. So people in this world want foxes and wolves to be extinct? How there so cute I don’t get it and even if they do eat your stuff it doesn’t mean that you should go around killing foxes and wolves because they don’t deserve it. It’s there instincts to eat other animals. I’m studying to be a biologist and I’m going study wolves and I’m just so excited And I really hope that I can convince people not to kill animals that are endangered.

  10. …and why would anyone want to hunt a Fox? Im American and yes even I know its popularity there in the past. Because I was raised by my grandparents who settled here from England. But why would anyone want to harm such a harmless creature? I am though, very proud of you guys in the UK for banning such an archaic pastime.

  11. This is lovely, however in my country Australia, introduced foxes cause a lot of damage to chickens in backyards, pets and farm animals. The British brought foxes from England and they took to Australia very happily. Though rarely seen, they are everywhere in the cities and towns of Australia.

  12. All life needs protection not just the cute and the cuddly. A lot of people think they love animals but they just love cuddling with them and feeling warm and fuzzy. Drove me nuts when I was trying to train my puppy and every woman would just have to squeal and touch my him. It made training so much harder.

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