The rescues and the rescuers – Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, Greece

The rescues and the rescuers - Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, Greece
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This video is a tribute to some of the animals that were rescued by SCARS and of course the volunteers – without them nothing can be achieved.
Rescuing in Greece is not easy. The strays here are probably more than the people are, and we can only rescue as many. Most importantly, we spay and neuter as much as we can, and try our best to educate people, hoping that the younger generation will be more aware on animal welfare and compassion.
About SCARS TNR campaign:
About the SCARS work with cats:
Our dog lady, Thalia and her amazing story:
Our golden girls:
Huge thanks to Frieden für Pfoten for all their support, and to Tierschutz-Shop. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.
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  1. I believe some rare things are capable of bonding complete strangers and love for animals is one of them. My love for all this pets you guys saved is granted but I love all of you too for doing this fantastic work. For now love is the only thing I have… If money ever happens to come along my way, your organization will for sure get some of it.
    Warm regards and apretiation from Brazil,

  2. I did not know you could film Angels !!! I thought that the same as ghosts they were invisible, si you could not film them.
    What beautiful humans they are. Helping restore faith on this planet.

  3. Angeles humanos,les deseo se encuentren bien y solo quiero darles las gracias eternas por todo lo que hacen por estas criaturas nobles y hermosas ,ellos nos necesitan tanto,asi como nosotros a ellos,sin ellos la vida seria muy difícil,estos animalitos son lo mejor del mundo,GRACIAS,UN SALUDO DESDE TIJUANA,MEXICO,Dios los bendiga a todos siempre

  4. Iron at 0:32! Think i saw Cinnamon too! Love what u all do. Wish i could join u ?…i just realised everthing i wrote rhymed! Lol!

  5. God Bless you all for helping the Orphaned furbabies of Greece… I pray the younger generation will have the same empathy for these innocent defenseless souls. Lots of love from Australia xx???

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