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  1. I don't condone the people throwing these animals into cages together, but what I've gathered from all of these clips is that Bears are the meanest mama jamas out there

  2. I feel bad for that leopard fuck all animal hunters if animal had ideas then animals would hunt the hunters from the back like hunters do

  3. So yeah, we know the leopard was shot from a tree by a "hunter", but the question that always remains in my head is what is the fucking point. Leopards already struggle for food and are outplayed by lion prides, and their number isn't actually booming. They are also not in need of population control. In other words, there's no reason to kill a leopard just hanging out in a tree, probably eating its meal that it took 2 weeks to get.

    Humans are in need of population control though, and bad. Why don't we have "hunters" knock on our door then put a bullet in our heads. We have more reason to be killed than a leopard minding its business in a tree in africa.

  4. anyone who can take two beautiful creatures and put them in a cage to fight til the death is sick…put these stupid fuckers in the cage and lets see a real fight

  5. Good videos but promoting intentional animal violence (locking two wild animals of a different species in the same cage) is illegal and this video Should be removed and investigated.

  6. I like to see wild animals fight it's cool. what I mean by that is in the wild like wolves trying to take a bear on or a lion and hyena. that is nature.

  7. почему таких уродов не сажают в тюрьму за жестокое обращение с животными,куда смотрит прокуратура,власти если их можно таковыми назвать

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