Stupid Drivers Driving on The Wrong Side – Car Funny Videos 2017

Stupid Drivers Driving on The Wrong Side - Car Funny Videos 2017
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Stupid Drivers Driving on The Wrong Side – Car Funny Videos 2017 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Anywhere you go, people will drive on the wrong side of the road because they are lost, drunk or something. But in Russia, they just don't give a fuck.

  2. Only in Russia can you be so fucking stupid as to intentionaly drive on the wrong side of the road and be pissed when confronted about it…

  3. Whenever I see one of those idiots get out of their car an approach the cammer's car, I think, "I would be grabbing my pepper spray!"

  4. Dear Russians, please lay off the vodka a little. It’s effecting your driving skills and common sense.

    Also I love how almost all of them are so calm, like this is a normal thing.???

  5. And after the first asshole gets stuck trying to go the wrong way, all the other monkeys line up right behind him. In the last clip, it looked like a dozen cars had lined up behind the initial butthole in the left lane. They don't need tickets in Roooshia. They need car pulverizers. You pull a stunt like this vid documents, they should just jerk you out of the car, haul it off, and pound it into small pieces, along with your "drivers license".

  6. Does ANYBODY IN RUSSIA KNOW THEIR LEFT HAND FROM THEIR RIGHT? Hell, don't they teach you that in first grade, or whatever passes for education there.

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