Malaysia's Top 5 Strange Street Snacks | These are super unique! | Malaysia

Malaysia's Top 5 Strange Street Snacks | These are super unique! | Malaysia
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In this episode, I found the longest night market in Malaysia, with over 700 food stalls, and narrowed down the 5 most strange and intriguing snacks that also happen to be extremely delicious!
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Some of the most strange, exciting, and delicious snacks can be found at the night markets throughout Malaysia, and should not be missed on any trip to the country. Famous Malaysian food, like Nasi Lemak or Asam Laksa, is well known and famous for a reason, but if you crave new flavours, these snacks should also be a main priority on your travels. If you visit Malaysia for the first time, make sure that food is at the top of your itinerary, as it can literally take months to try the countless varieties of local specialty foods.

The night market features a 2km long stretch of vendors offering numerous snacks from throughout Asia. There are mainly Malaysian Chinese vendors, but there are plenty of snacks that boast their origins from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. The market is only open on Wednesday nights, from 7pm-1am, so make sure to plan accordingly.

To reach the market, you will have to take the LRT to Bandar Tun Razak station, and then take a taxi to reach Taman Connaught Pasar Malam. It should take about 45 minutes to an hour from downtown Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. I am Malaysian and i am malay, but i must say most the food shown are not malay food, they are Chinese food, but it's a good try, let me know when your visiting malaysia again, i will show the real Malaysian weird food

  2. The Food Ranger is exactly the same as when he first started out he's so full of personality and his reaction to food is the best so down to earth with the locals!?So glad he hasn't changed a bit!?

  3. I'm Malaysian and I have to say bro, you're the best food vlogger and I am a huge fan of yours. Keep it up buddy and keep striving for more!

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