How India Cooks Lunch for 50,000 People for FREE! The MIRACLE in Punjab, India.

How India Cooks Lunch for 50,000 People for FREE! The MIRACLE in Punjab, India.
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LOCATION: Golden Temple Rd, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar
OPEN: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

The Golden Temple is a Gurdwara, a place of worship for Sikhs, located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. The Golden Temple is the most important pilgrimage site of Sikhism and considered to be spiritually the most significant shrine in Sikhism. Along with being a central religious place for Sikhs, it is a symbol of human brotherhood and equality, as people from all faiths, as well as those who do not profess any faith, are welcomed.

The Golden Temple is home to a Langar, a community-run free kitchen and dining hall where food is served around the clock to all visitors, regardless of faith, gender, nationality or economic background. There are thousands of Sikh volunteers cooking and serving the food as well as cleaning after visitors finish eating. Each day, thousands of people from varied backgrounds come to The Golden Temple, sit on the floor and eat together as equals. All of the food served is vegetarian.
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  1. Sikhism was born in the 17th century in order to fight the Islamic invaders who were destroying India.. And hindu temples.. This whole religion is born out of retaliation. Hinduism, Sikhism, jainism, and Buddhism are non abrahamic religions that are originated from India. These religions are the only religions which truly follow the path of non violence and harmony. Tolerance and acceptibility.
    As we say in sanskrit – "vaasudyev kutumbakam" (entire nature is our family)

  2. Indian mainstream media should promote these beautiful things too rather than annoying Bollywood stuffs and political propoganda… ❤️❤️Incredible India..

  3. Every time I watch a show which highlights Sikhs, I tend to get emotional, they have given and are giving so much to the nation. A big respect from bottom of my heart. May god bless.. a proud Indian who share the same values… wahe guru Ji ka khalsa, wahe guru Ji ki fateh…

  4. Thank you very much Mr sonny for taking the trouble of travelling to the different parts of india and showing the world , the diversity in india's culture, people & food AND most importantly the bond of love and unity among every citizen of india..
    A big thanks to everyone there who appreciated and sent there love to india from different parts of the world.
    We, in india, strongly believe in a phrase of Sanskrit language which says
    " ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH " i.e. Guest is similar to the almighty GOD and he/she ought to be served and honored the way we indians, worship and serve GOD.
    So thanks again…
    Do visit india and experience its colorful vibrancy….
    And together, lets spread the message of love, peace and harmony in the world…
    Love and best wishes from india…

  5. The food will leave you speechless. Better then any restaurant food. Everybody need to go Whether you’re Sikh or not. Beautiful video thank you.

  6. What were you feel after eating that food?
    Do you believe yourself this is completely free for the people?
    I know you visit so many countries and test there food. Did you find out something similar to this?

  7. India is AWESOME!!
    this video is AWESOME!!
    the food looks AWESOME!!
    and lastly
    the people are AWESOME!!

    The world would be awesome if there are people like this everywhere

  8. This is putting values like love, compassion, caring and sharing and so on into practice. It is so wonderful to see acts of love and kindness like this. My respect to the Sikh community.

  9. Sonny I think u missed something..did u notice your shoes after coming back from the temple…they must be shinning…they even polish your shoes if they are dirty..even I noticed it .such kind hearted people there…god always bless them!

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