Baby Deer Keeps Revisiting Man Who Rescued Him From Hole: Animal Family Compilation | The Dodo Top

Baby Deer Keeps Revisiting Man Who Rescued Him From Hole: Animal Family Compilation | The Dodo Top
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As we families gather for thanksgiving – The Dodo Top 5 highlights animals who have families and rescuers they are thankful for. What was your favorite story?! Tell us in the comments below!

Baby Deer Revisits Man Who Rescued Him With His Mom | Special thanks to Kevin Collom for this awesome footage! For the original full deer rescue videos, visit:

Wild Monkey’s Family Waits Outside Sanctuary So They Can Reunite With Him | To help these rescuers save more monkeys, you can support the Umsizi Umkomaas Vervet Rescue Centre: Follow them on Facebook for updates:

Two Pigs Rescued from Fire | To sponsor the ongoing care of these rescued pigs, you can support the Equality Sanctuary:

Cows Who Escaped Slaughterhouse Are So Loved
| To help with the expansion of these rescued cows’ new home, you can support the Gentle Barn’s fundraiser: Click here to learn more about their new sanctuary space:

Shy Dog Who Used To Be Terrified Of People Finds The Perfect Family | To help Sassy’s rescuers save more stray dogs, you can support Coastal German Shepherd Rescue :

Santo Rico by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  1. Ya'll don't know how much pain and suffering those animals go through just to be on your dinner plate. I hate how humans treat animals as below them. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Thank you for rescuing all the cows and keeping them together, its so beautiful you did not return them to the slaughter house, thank you to all the lovely rescuers!!!

  3. This "baby deer from the hole" video makes me more loving human than watching TITANIC movie ! Thank for giving me one happy day, SIR !

  4. The deer, pig and cows- why I became a vegetarian!!! Omg!!! I lost it with the cows!!! Awesome video! Thanks Dodo!!

  5. The money one was adorable. The two hugged him so tight. Than the one kept poking the other to be like “hey!? Look he’s home”

    Also the cow story kind of inspiring because they escaped together and now gets to live a long happy life

  6. I found the cow video so sad he saw or heard the other cows dying and had to find a way out. I'm not going to eat animals from now on that was so messed up.

  7. Living in the mide of f*cking nowhere means i see deer all the time. One ate my halloween pumkin once. The little sh*t gave me such a smug look. 10/10 would forgive immediately.

  8. I've watched so many TheDodo videos and managed not to cry. But now my eyes are filled with tears. When I saw those cows escaping from the slaughterhouse, I was done. This is an insane world where people abuse and kill animals to eat them, and those poor animals have no chance…. People, please stop eating animals.

  9. Please keep making these videos! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Animals of all forms. An I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them being loved, rescued, taken care of. Thank you for these videos they make me smile

  10. You did so well and your kindness shone through! God Bless for helping and caring. Amen!
    The monkey hugs were no different from any human hug… Amazingly it's always been that true, it's just that we haven't noticed it.

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