UK ROAD RAGE & UK CAR CRASHES, Accident || UK Bad drivers compilation 2016 #3

UK ROAD RAGE & UK CAR CRASHES, Accident  || UK Bad drivers compilation 2016 #3
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UK ROAD RAGE & CAR CRASHES, UK Bad drivers compilation 2016 #3 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2016



Paul L

Cyclist David

Joe Corfield (Corf)


Clackstars Dash Cam

JW Dashcam

Sue Perbs
Karl Newsome




Road and Sky

Richard J

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  1. At 3.51 the cyclist should know better than to go at speed on the inside of a bus, in this situation extreme caution is advised for pedestrians crossing in front of the bus and she should have looked around the corner of the bus to make sure nothing was coming up on the inside.

  2. 2:14 the guy with the cam is not really smarter than the 2 assholes in front of him : when you see 2 crazy guys starting a war on the road, you don't follow them that close

  3. It's about time the police/DVLA viewed films like the bmw stopping the car over taking and break checking etc and banned them
    you have proof on film what else is needed

  4. It’s great shouting abuse at other drivers, what isn’t so much fun is when the other driver is a psycho who knocks the shit out of u. Swallow your pride, not your teeth.

  5. so glad I don't drive a car, being a pedestrian is bad enough with so many bad drivers on the roads, cars still go through a red on a pedestrian crossing nearly knocking us over!!!!!!

  6. 01:07 … Does he think he's a copper or what? Knob jockey! The Micra was wholly wrong, but you can't go around acting like the cyclist did without getting a slap eventually; or arrested for IPO…!?

  7. From my point of view as a british i think that most car drivers are rubjish at driving. They dont know jow to drive nor how to respect drivers especially pedestrians like me

  8. Word of advice. If you get off the bike….take the key. Ive seen cases where bikers have been provoked into stopping…..they stop to have words but leave their bike running only for the bike to be stolen….. have a very good reason to get off the bike otherwise dont go all public police force on every other road user you disagree with…….

    Seems people when wronged dont have any middle ground……its going from calm and relaxed to wanting to kill somebody in.the blink of an eye…….thats anger issues right there and youve already lost if youve lost control of yourself.

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