Trying to teach driver! (Road Rage & Instant Karma 2016)

Trying to teach driver! (Road Rage & Instant Karma 2016)
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Instant Karma & Road Rage – Trying to teach a lesson to the driver! – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. I love when bikers think they own the road, some guy on a bike tried to make me pullover for switching into his lane, I used my signal and everything. I rear ended his ass into the curb and his bike was totaled. Why would you try to pull my 4Runner over with you gsxr lol!!!!

  2. I get that there trying to teach the other driver a lesson but it’s not okay to just drive away and you dent the other persons car, they may be struggling with money and not be able to pay for it. Like god damn, but please don’t come for me. This is my opinion!

  3. These idiots deserve exactly what they get. If someone drives like a fucking idiot they deserve to either get their car smashed or their fucking face smashed. Driving is already dangerous, even when everyone is focusing, let alone when you get some joker on the road.

  4. Drivers, when someone doesn't want to give you what you want, they're saying no. Don't just FUCKING "OH FUCK IT THIS GUY DOESN'T WANT ME TO CUT HIM OFF WITH HIS PERMISSION OH ITS OK HE'LL SEE ME" WHEN SOMEONE SAYS NO THEY MEAN FUCKING NO

  5. What the actual fuck is wrong with people? Who in the hell decides it's a good idea to over take someone then slam on your breaks for NO reason. This is why EVERYONE should have a dashcam, to get these fuck knuckles off the road, fucking mouth breathers.

  6. They should call these things "Libtards on parade" since you know, nearly every one of these morons acting out their fantasy of being a real bad ass, surrounded by their preppy little cars is a die hard, butt hurt, Trump hating, piece of shit libtard! I especially liked the one in his faggot looking mini van with the empty cargo carrier on top, who decided he should be the only one driving on the shoulder and is playing the shoulder monitor! He has a picture of his balls on the dash, since the real ones are in a plastic zip lock in his wife's purse!

  7. I always get a kick out of the people who cause these accidents, like brake checking or merging last minute, then get out and throw the hands up like they're the victim.

  8. Do you guys need drivers training????? You sure as HELL DON"T know HOW to drive!!!!!!!!! Cops should take your license for life!!!!!!! You're lucky I'm not a cop. I never realized how many idiot drivers are out there.

  9. This is exactly why I hate these stupid fucking assholes who zoom past you then for whatever fucking reason, they decide to hit the brakes when no car is within a few feet to their front. Goddamn useless meat sacks…

  10. In many of these cases, both drivers are at fault.
    If someone wants to brake-check you, best to back off and avoid the collision.
    If the other cases where say the truck has no time to stop well obviously that's not the trucker's fault.

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