Street Food in Lombok – BEST GRILLED CHICKEN in the WORLD!! Mataram, Indonesia!

Street Food in Lombok - BEST GRILLED CHICKEN in the WORLD!!  Mataram, Indonesia!
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For me, ayam taliwang in Lombok is the best grilled chicken in the world so far!
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One of the main reasons I wanted to travel to the island of Lombok in Indonesia is to eat the original ayam taliwang, a style of spicy grilled chicken that truly is the best grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted anywhere in the world.

In this Mataram, Lombok food tour, we eat at some of the best and most legendary street food stalls in Mataram, Lombok!

RM. Bebalung Kelebet – For breakfast I couldn’t wait to try a dish called bebalung, a beef ribs dish. You have to arrive at this place in the morning or they will sell out, and the beef ribs are extraordinary with sambal and rice.
Price – 68,000 IDR ($5.02) for 2

Islamic Center Mosque – After the beef ribs breakfast feast, we walked over to have a quick tour of the biggest mosque in Mataram.

Rumah Makan Sukaraja – For first lunch, we headed to a restaurant known for their Lombok style nasi campur, where you can choose a mixture of different dishes all over your rice. It was excellent.
Price – 90,000 IDR ($6.65) for 2

Pasar Kebon Roek
Pantai Ampenan

Warung Sate Rembiga Utama – For lunch number two, and one of the must eat Indonesian foods to try when you’re in Lombok is sate rembiga. The sate is a little sweet, but spicy at the same time, and I would venture to say they are some of the most addictive sate I’ve ever had anywhere.
Total price – 89,000 IDR ($6.57)

Taliwang Khas Pak Udin – Finally on to ayam taliwang, and I ordered super pedas, extra spicy. They first deep fry the chicken, then coat it in multiple layers of chili sauce, and then grill it over a ridiculous hot fire, while pouring chili all over it. The result is a grilled chicken that will change your life forever, it’s insane.
Price – 40,000 IDR ($2.95) per chicken

Seafood Ikan Bakar 88 – Finally to end this Indonesian food tour of Mataram, I met up with a group at a street food seafood restaurant. It was great to eat and hang out!
Total price – about 200,000 IDR ($14.77)

Thank you to everything I met in this video for all your help, and thank you for watching!

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  1. the content is great and the food, cultures he visit are amazing! but i think no need for the same expression a million time over and over again with each bite

  2. I know this is a 2years late comment. If you have any chance, ask the locals how they usually eat the food. In indonesia, we used to dump off the soup onto the rice. Some do so, but some just take a spoon of rice, dip it into the soup then eat.

  3. In indonesia, if you want the best traditional or local food, take street food. Weirdly, restaurant with good shops rarely serves excellent food.

  4. Come in Bangladesh bro, here a lot of peoples are your fan?? I'm one of them,& here you can find a lot of street food and many delicious food

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