All Of The 10's From 2018! The BEST Street Food from Around the WORLD!

All Of The 10's From 2018! The BEST Street Food from Around the WORLD!
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2018 was an AMAZING Year full of delicious street food from around the world! Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! In 2018, we ate a TON of delicious street food, and rated all of them on The Food Ranger rating scale of 1-10. Most of the best street foods were rated in between 9 and 10. In this street food video from around the world, we’re taking all of the 10’s and compiling them here for you! If you love eating delicious street food, make sure to subscribe to The Food Ranger now and click the bell notification button because you’re going to love the food we eat for you in 2019!

Thanks so much for watching guys!

Here is some of the SOLID Food Ranger 10’s in this video from 2018.

►Exploring Mexico for street food and delicious Mexican cuisine.

1. Puebla Mole, found in Cholula, Mexico –
2. Puelba Cemita sandwich with GOD LEVEL cutting skills:
3. Oaxaca Barbacoa, the whole roast lamb underground, found in Tlacolula –

►Exploring Guangzhou for Cantonese Food and Chinese Street Food

1. Whole steamed pig from Jun’an :
2. Best Roast Goose and BBQ Pork Char Sui in the WHOLE WORLD:

►Going DEEP in Chengdu for the BEST Chinese Street Food with the 1 million subscribers giveaway winners!

1. SMOKED Sichuan duck in Pengzhou, China, right outside of Chengdu:

►Exploring Japan for the BEST Japanese Cuisine and street food in Japan. We ate some AMAZING Sushi and Sashimi, Japanese Ramen and Wagyu BEEF!

1. AMAZING Japanese Wagyu Beef in Tokyo, Japan: ($500)
2. BEST Sushi of my life in Tokyo, Japan – Omakase Style ($500) –
3. Best Tempura in the world in Kyoto, Japan, SO PERFECT!

► Exploring for the BEST Chinese Street food in Xi’an, China. Hand Pulled noodles, Roujiamo pork pita burgers, biang biang noodles, and more!

1. BEST Roujiamo Pork Pita in Xi’an:
2. Best DUMPLINGS in XI’an, Suantang Jiaozi:

►Traveling to Hyderabad, India for Ramadan to discover Hyderabadi Haleem and Hyderabadi Biryani!

1. Hyderabadi Haleem:
2. Enjoying Hyderabadi Biryani:

► Exploring DEEP Mumbai for the best Indian Street food!

1. INSANELY Delicious Indian style cooked mud crabs at Trishnas Seafood Restaurant:
2. Finding the BLACK Pav Bhaji in Mumbai, INSANELY DELICIOUS and buttery:

► Traveling to Athens, Greece for tasty Greek Street Food!
1. AMAZING Greek Lamb Heads and Kokoretsi in Athens:
2. Delicious Greek Peinirli Pizza boat and Greek Donuts:

► Moroccan Street food tour in Marrakech!

1. Delicious Whole Roast Lamb Meschui:
Delicious Egyptian Street Food Tour in Cairo, Egypt!
2. Eating at the prince restaurant in Downtown Cairo, enjoying Molokhia:

►INSANE Dubai Street Food Tour in Dubai, UAE!

1. HUGE WHOLE Camel Meal in Dubai – A true EMIRATI Tradition!

► HUGE Chinese Seafood FEAST in Guangzhou!

1. THE BEST seafood in the world ($1500) INSANE 4.4 KG lobster and King crab!

► Home Base Chengdu Sichuan Spicy Street Food Adventure!

1. The BEST Noodles in Chengdu, Twice Cooked Pork Noodles, SPICY!

►Back to Guangzhou with my parents and Ting’s family, eating AMAZING BBQ Pork and Roast Goose!

1. THE Best Roast Goose in the WORLD:

Plans for Street Food in 2019:

So far, We have a Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan Street Food tour planned, and after that, we will have to see!! If you have any recommendations for where we should eat in 2019, please leave me a comment down below!

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  1. Beware while in Pakistan it's a home of terrorist beware anytime anywhere even public are soo poor and baddest they can kidnap you worst place on earth Pakistan land of hell

  2. so the chefs touching food with their bare hands in greece and japan is totally fine,but if someone does that in india people go crazy…..i can totally understand,fair skin is hygienic…..kudos to you people with double standards

  3. you are such a nice person Trevor! thank you so much for your videos, thank you The Food Ranger, awesome awesome videos, you should come to brasil, and try some "pastel de feira com caldo de cana", "feijoada", "sanduiche de mortadela do mercadão", "acarajé" and many others. you have a place to stay in sao paulo if you want it!

  4. cant wait to see many other culture foods you plan to eat and make videos of. please have them uploaded once you enjoyed them

  5. Finally Bangladesh thank you so much, my mom and I watch your videos together all the time . Bangladesh is like the more raw version of India but I can guarantee great hospitality and a wide range of food. Depending on what part of the country you visit you can even taste influences from nearby countries like India and Thailand. And of course the natural scenes are incomparable to anywhere else in the world. But its a little sad your visit is the winter 🙁 but still thank you for visiting and have fun 🙂

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