How To Drive? – Examples of Bad Driving Skills and Road Rage 2017 #678

How To Drive? - Examples of Bad Driving Skills and Road Rage 2017  #678
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How To Drive? – Examples of Bad Driving Skills and Road Rage 2017 #677 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. The intersections are so uncontrolled, that I expect more accidents.  Those spike strips and how they are deployed  is a great idea.  Gold star for who ever thought of that!

  2. Had a recent incident ourselves when travelling back to Texas from Arizona.
    Coming out of Phoenix we had an individual try to force his way into our lane, my husband didn't budge and made him back off.
    Now, my husbands van is a huge dodge van 4WD  Rat rod deliberately built to look like a rat rod, Huge mud eater tires, made to look rusty and battle worn with add on's like front and rear bumpers made of rail road rail sections and a grill guard of the same thing, stacks instead of mufflers, a huge Windsor 360 under the hood with a massive ram scoop sticking out of the small hood for the blower. (looks like something out of mad max).
    Thing looks like it screams "I WILL EAT YOUR LIMBS!" as it rolls down the highway.
    Anyways, a little later as traffic cleared this individual was all butthurt he couldn't establish dominance on the highway with my husband and decided to start brake checking us,.
     My husband never changed speeds, he let the guy brake check and his us, then started pushing him up the highway when he eased back against the bumper and tried braking, the idiot took off.
    We pulled over and waited, before long the cops showed up and after seeing the dash cam footage the idiot got himself carted off to jail. I highly suggest and recommend getting a dash cam, it can save you a lot of hassle, it did us.

  3. What is it about BMWs and Audis that attract the ones who feel "entitled" to a faster lane or a shortcut? Ir it the ad campaigns for these makers or their "entitled" buddies that they're trying to keep up with in possessions?

  4. Russians be like "Oh there's a foot of snow in the ground? Well I better go 40mph over the limit while I pass these 9 cars on a blind corner with summer tires while one of my wheels is loose".

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