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INSTANT KARMA JUSTICE – INSTANT KARMA 2017 for STUPID DRIVERS #53 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Everyone wants to be a driver, but not everyone deserves to have a license. I strongly believe the U.S should change the driving standards to that of Germany; drivers are so experienced, speed limits aren't necessary

  2. "That's funny" but he isn't even laughing. People are so stupid when they just say what they think should be said about something but they don't even "feel" it. Ridiculous.

  3. 8:34 “Ooh he’s tailgating that guy too. He might… he might, he might get pulled over. I don’t know, we’ll see. I hope he doesn’t… ‘cus he supports Trump.” bitch what… so just cuz u support trump , u are allowed to do illegal things

  4. They pulled over the Trump truck because the cop is an America hating communist, snowflake, cuck libtard. It's unconstitutional! A witch hunt! There was no collusion! How can you pull over someone that supports the greatest President in history, who single handed made America great again? That cop is just still butt hurt that Clinton lost the election. Hillary Clinton personally made that cop pull over the Trump Truck! When Russia gives Trump the rest of her emails, there will be one about the Trump Truck, you can bet on that!

  5. guy kick the officer, "ouch" then girl SCREAM, that doesnt make sense. Then officer punch the guy on the face, the girl scream at officer face, that make more sense.

  6. A lot of these people aren't stupid drivers. Regardless if what they were doing was legal I don't like watching videos of people getting pulled over. I want to see stupid assholes get pulled over

  7. Trump truck forgot to add "Trash" below on this pickup tailgate. Funny how a year and change has passed and now we know how evil trump supporters are..

  8. If a truck tailgate me. Ima flip you off. Dont get mad at me I'll flip all you assholes off with trucks. You dont own the road. You gonna sit there and let me flip you off and you ain't doing shit. Assholes.

  9. So this is my complete satirical opinion, so I am not attacking anyone. My beliefs are not to be taken the wrong way. Liberals think Republicans can't have an opinion. Not all are like this, but a good many can't get over the fact that Trump is our president. Secondly, Republicans, stop blaming Democrats for helping illegals and causing the worst for our country. We all need to play our part. We have had a shutdown, and that's because we couldn't pay the bill for the wall. Why? We kept fighting because we can't respect each other. It's tough, but we're going to need to step it up for the better. We're supposed to be the country that can support itself. But instead, we all have to be snowflakes getting mad at others opinions. I respect your belief, respect mine. Don't be a snowflake and take anything here seriously. Now I've made my point.

  10. Pathetic idiots put political stickers/presidents names on their vehicles. I don’t care who you support. Fuck Trump and his supporters anyway. Cowards.

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