Bad Driving Europe – Dashcam Europe #785

Bad Driving Europe - Dashcam Europe #785
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Bad Driving Europe – Dashcam Europe #785 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. But you see the difference to other "Bad Drivers Videos". There you know that there´s a crash. Europeans use their breaks to avoid them

  2. Die Hupe,scheint man schneller zu finden, wie die Bremse! Das ist wohl in Europa so üblich?!
    Das ist das Pedal, neben dem Gas. Auch Bremse genannt.Ach ja, man muss nicht hupen.Dem gegenüber stehen ehe schon die Haare nach oben. Er oder Sie ……haben echte Erfahrungen gesammelt.Wetten, sie schlafen in dieser Nacht, nicht so gut. :-)))))

  3. Der unterschied zwischen solchen videos aus Italien, Deutschland, Frankreich ect. ist das die alle versuchen zu bremsen und denen aus Russland oder Indien die einfach draufhalten und den Sinn einer Bremse nicht verstanden haben

  4. I'm Italian and in the clip at 1:43 it's the cyclist fault there, the Wolkswagen driver almost stopped at the sign (he should have completely stop but at least he didn't run through at full speed) and that idiot was riding in the middle of the fucking road, clearly not lookong at his surroundings and also carrying what it seems like a child and no, in Italy cyclist do not have the right of way, only pedestrians do, and they must obey to the road code like anybody else that's using the road, because here bycicles are considered vehicles and thus they must obey to the rules, so this means they must respect rights of way, only ways, stop signs ecc. but unfortunately like 95% of the cyclists here think they own the road and do not respect shit.

    Sorry for the WoT but i started an argument with an idiot who thought he knew the Italian laws better that an Italian

    oh and as a little translation he's saying: "look at that, this fucking dickhead… faggot"

  5. for the little queers that ride their bicycles around in the road, you need to learn to actually stop at the signs and pay some attention. Not that you'll do to much damage to a 3 ton vehicle I'm just saying.

  6. 0:34 man you got lots space in the left lane. Speed up, pass him and then pull over. Whenever I see an indicator I assume they'll pull over immediately and get ready to brake

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