USA Road Rage 2017 – Bad Drivers USA and American Car Crashes #26

USA Road Rage 2017 - Bad Drivers USA and American Car Crashes #26
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USA Road Rage 2017 – Bad Drivers USA and American Car Crashes #26 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. so happy to see the biker punk get caught and get a beat down by the cop…fukin punk will be thinking twice about pulling shit like that again :p it's punk kids like these that get us law abiding/good-natured bikers a bad rep lmao :p

  2. Your car is all smashed up. Pssssst. You need an ambulance ? Pssssst. You alright ? Pssssst. You need help ? Pssssssssssssssssssssst.

  3. That woman sucking on that air duster…omg. That stuff is so bad, seriously fries your brain. She's totally addicted and it's more common than you'd think l.

  4. How dumb can you be? Running from the cops when they definitely saw your tags already and were coming in hot to catch you before you even knew they were there, which means they'd been looking for you already…then to bail out because you chose a bitch crotchrocket? And you recorded the whole thing, then uploaded it online for the world to witness your dumbassery? Exposing yourself is just pathetic…

  5. I bet the drivers brake checking the big trucks were trying to get insurance money. Rigs carry a lot of insurance so they can become a target sadly

  6. What's the backstory of the biker running from the cops? They were sitting at a light beside them, why didn't they pull them over then? They also didn't have their lights on. Not defending the guys on the bikes or anything but to go from nothing to having the cop point a gun at them is a little much

  7. I like that that guy was so soft-voiced with the aerosol-huffing lady, and was trying to reason with her a bit. He saw she's obviously not there in the head, and decided to not to judge her too harshly. She's dressed fairly nice, hair neat, car's clean, but there she is, huffing Glade. She's got issues to sort out, and I hope she gets better.

  8. this is so indicative of what has happened to us as a country. making a big deal, even coming to blows…over nothing, all the while we do nothing about things that really ARE a big deal.

  9. If someone is badly tailgating me, I will tap on my breaks. If there is an intersection we are about to stop at, I'll come to a complete stop and not slowly stop at it. Tailgating doesn't make the person in front of me go faster, but you will get a brake check and I will go exactly the speed limit with plenty of room ahead of me to make up for your idiocy and incompetence driving. I saw someone yesterday almost swerve off the highway after tailgating someone who lightly tapped their brakes due to traffic. And he still tailgated him after. I will make sure I'm not rear ended by a lunatic who thinks their phone is more important than people's lives.

  10. 3:30 officers you have our permission to literally beat some sense into them then seize their motorcycles and sell them at auction for new police equipment while putting them in jail for 3-5 years.

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