Unique Grilled Chicken – DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! with Sonny Side! | ไก่อบฟาง

Unique Grilled Chicken - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! with Sonny Side! | ไก่อบฟาง
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Warning: Don’t try this BBQ chicken method at home, unless you have a good fire-proof location – then it would be really cool to try.

Som tam, gai yang, is the popular and widely available Thai food combination of green papaya salad and grilled chicken… but we wanted to do something and eat something out of the ordinary!

Along with the help of Sonny from Best Ever Food Review Show, we ate some extraordinary versions of both grilled chicken and Thai green papaya salad, both not what you’d find at a typical restaurant. The chicken, a very traditional, rare to find style of cooking, and the green papaya salad, a little more extreme than others.

Uncle Peen Baked Chicken (ไก่อบฟางลุงพิน) – It’s easily the most unique style of grilled, or more like baked or smoked, version of chicken I’ve seen in Thailand. To make the hay smoked chicken (ไก่อบฟาง) uncle arranged the chickens on upright stakes, put oil drum lids over them, filled the trough with dry rice hay, and lit that on fire… twice. The result was one of the most juicy tender grilled chickens I’ve ever tasted. It was amazing.
Price – 180 THB ($5.46) per chicken

Som Tam Jay Gai (ส้มตำเจ้ไก่ ดอนเมือง) – Next to complete our combination of not your ordinary grilled chicken and green papaya salad we drove to Don Muang to eat at Som Tam Jay Gai (ส้มตำเจ้ไก่ ดอนเมือง), a restaurant originally from Udon Thani. There were so friendly there, and the main dish we ordered was tam code mua (ตำโครตมั่ว), the crazy spicy giant plate of green papaya salad with everything in it. We both suffered and cried tears of joy, but it was so much fun!
Total price – 380 THB ($11.52)

Again, go check out Sonny (Best Ever Food Review Show): https://goo.gl/ugvUcy He produces amazing professional quality food travel videos.

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  1. Go check out Sonny's video: https://youtu.be/nZ3Zc1DJOgY This was one of the most fun collabs I've ever done – we ate, we cried, our faces turned red a couple of time, and mostly we just laughed and enjoyed the entire day. Thank you for watching and your amazing support!

    P.S. Pakistan videos start next Sunday, Nov 11.

    P.P.S. And don't try this at home… that is unless you have a fire-proof pit and fire extinguisher, then it will be really fun, and taste really good. Enjoy!

  2. เราว่าเราทานเผ็ดนะ แต่เราทานไม่ได้แบบพี่มาค ยอมใจจ

  3. I eat chillies like Mark too.. i really love spicy food and for me its addictive. I just cant stop eating. Spicy,sweet and sour are perfect combo. I love to watch your videos Mark. Its bingeworthy. I really enjoyed watching your videos where you travelled to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kelantan.. urrgh their food were mouthwatering and not to forget Thai food too. Keep doing you. All the best!

  4. Please download 'youfeed' app to prepare a list of your favourite channels and receive video feeds of those channels… via the above mentioned app.

  5. Thailand is not only a beautiful country, it also has some of the best food I've ever had! It's not only delicious, it's also healthy and good for digestion! Fiber!!! <3

  6. sonny and mark have such a good partnership in the videos…. in others i think like they eat a lil more and converse a lil less, except for some, most others are same but sonny is different, he really looks enthusiastic while tasting foods with mark …. so now its double the fun

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