Dilpasand recipe | dilkush recipe | Nawabs kitchen

Dilpasand recipe | dilkush recipe | Nawabs kitchen
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  1. Mr Nawab , Sir. You do an amazing job. The children look so happy. There are many ingredients and a lot of work which went into this delicious looking recipe. May God bless you and your children. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you, Sir. You are God. I wish the women ministers could sponsor the girls so that they could study and get a good job. You, sir, are an inspiration. God is great.

  3. I am diehard fan of kwaja bhai for his dedication to poor children's ,the way he prepares, he serves. is just heart touching kabi mauka milega tho hum bi aapke saath hath badayenge

  4. Assalamalekhum bhai I hatsp u Anna nee sankalpam chala goppadi Allah neeku challaga chudali at pedda pill ala alkali thirusthunnavu manavarupamlo maro saibaba

  5. Background bike sound is worst.
    Stop making that sounds.
    Hygiene is not maintained.
    Some times using glows and mostly hands.
    You people wont Bath and apply perfumes to cover that bad body smell.
    Rest is just ok.

  6. Assalamu Alaikum bro, KEEP up the GOOD work may ALLAH bless you and fulfil your desires for the future. You sure have blessings from many kids and people who watch your channel.
    Can you share the recipe of vegi biryani along with the curry plz. JAZAK ALLAH KHER. Greetings from Europe

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