Banana Stem Chicken By Mastanamma Grand Daughter

Banana Stem Chicken By Mastanamma Grand Daughter
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Traditional Banana Stem Chicken Recipe By Country foods


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  1. Mastan amma RIP i am very sad and shocked after getting this news
    Sorry but no body cook like mastanamma even her daughter soooooo sorry
    Feeling sad after reminding memories of mastanaama

  2. Everything Organic, Nothing from The So-Called modern society. As our living style gets more Westernized, cost of our living standard seems is getting better, but it's the vice versa.When You watch these young couple everything is real. The man knows the woman and the woman knows the man. They are filled by TRUST. Here in the Westernized world we wear expensive outfits, we are Generals, Colonels, Lawyers, CPA, CFO,CEO, MAYOR, Alderman , Pastor, priest, …, a bunch of liars, cheaters, adulterers, Idolaters, Blasphemers, … worth nothing but… with our medals, Ph.D expensive cars, airplanes, boats,

  3. Why most men in this videos and almost 30 videos i have watched they have big belly? It can't be beer because they are muslim. Maybe is rice? What you thing? I like to know granny's fans opinion.

  4. Mastanamma you deserve the resting period of time. Thank you for passing your skills to your grandaughter. She cooks with your blessings. A joy to observe.

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