Ultimate Driving Fails April 2017 ? Stupid Drivers & Road Rage #564

Ultimate Driving Fails April 2017 ? Stupid Drivers & Road Rage #564
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Ultimate Driving Fails April 2017 ? Stupid Drivers & Road Rage #564 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  2. 2:38 what's funny here is, for a change, the supercar had absolutely nothing to do with the accident

    if I may be serious for a moment, it appears as if a lot of people worldwide suffer a condition that, when driving a motor vehicle, makes them unaware of the fact that they should USE THEIR F*CKING MIRRORS AND TURN SIGNALS WHEN CHANGING LANES

  3. Russian drivers are morons I swear out of all the us and Russian and Chinese vids I c Russia crashes the most an is the most stupidest

  4. What is a pretty decent brand/type of dash cam. Usually I just use my phone (on a mount) to record while driving, but would rather get an actual dash cam.

  5. When somebody does something stupid, and they end up getting in an accident, it makes me happy to know that they won't get away with it. Does that make me a bad person?

  6. What was stupid dick doing at 7:08 that he couldn't see the stopped row of cars, the stop sign, and the on coming cars turning?
    Jesus Christ!

  7. Always remember: if someone cuts you off, no need to apply the brakes just honk your horn in the hope they will magically vanish before you hit them. Taking evasive action is far less important than getting in a good blast of the horn.

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