Goose Visits Man Who Rescued Her Every Day | The Dodo

Goose Visits Man Who Rescued Her Every Day | The Dodo
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Goose Visits Guy Who Rescued Her Every Day | Whenever this guy takes his boat out, the goose he rescued years ago flies right next to him β€” and she just gave him a gosling grandson. For more of Kyle and Jack the geese, you can check them out on Instagram:

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  1. Human imprinting, though compassionate, is ruining nature. Animals are becoming reliant on humans. Kyle acted like a welfare exploiting biological mother.

  2. What a great feel good film. Nice one Dodo and a big High fives to the geese although I am not sure how high the high fives would have to be!

  3. kyile will lay a egg and have a baby then the baby will grow up and make another baby and it will just keep happening the man will have to take care of that many gooses ~_~ which i think he would like

  4. When i was a child, a goose bite and chasing me ? i like goose, but till today i still afraid of them hahaha. By the way, I have 3 wonderful dogs.

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