Baby Zebra Want To Play With Other Animals

Baby Zebra Want To Play With Other Animals
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Playful baby Zebra want to play with Tsessebe and maybe the Elephant? Filmed in Kruger National Park

Please note: All videos on this channel were filmed by me only on my many Africa Adventures. Enjoy, Like and Subscribe for more.
NOTE: This is NOT a Commercial channel selling accommodation in Kruger Park and I’m NOT offering to pay you money to feature your videos on this channel.

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  1. This was really good to see the elephants with long tusks they are few of them left man kills for greed to bad they don't kill each other the pouchers that is. I seen where the shot them in the knees and ankles then leave them to die to come back and get the tusks what a shame. It was fun watching the zebras play too. I love the animals I also know that the area for these big animals are getting smaller all the time because of the greediness of man. We don't live on the land no more like people use to with nature . Move after awhile before everything is killed off by man. Now even our oceans are hunting fields for greedy men our fish can't keep up with demand of them. So we have smaller and smaller fish when they are gone we lose too. Then we will be lost too because we cut down all the trees and weeds that use to be food for us. Just like Africa we use to have tribes that lived on the land and the land was plentiful for all. Till the white men came to kill and take the land. Even in Africa was once mighty in animals of all kinds and people had plenty to eat but the men came and was greedy and moved the animals to parks so people can't hunt no more because if they did the animals would all be gone because of greed. I wished sometimes I would have lived in a time before greed took over the world to see the big 10 feet and more across trees growing the animals running by my hut or cave or a hole in the ground. To see how much better it was then . No killing of people like now no sickness like now peaceful rains and winds and live in general was peaceful. Your closest neighbor was about 5 miles from you. In all directions. That was the life back then work from day light till dark. No TV radio cars train plane and you depended on your own work not others because if you didn't work you didn't eat. Not like now living off someone else pay check. Called welfare greedy lazy people want everything for nothing even these animals have to work for their food they walk miles for water and food. We have lazy people that won't even get up off the couch they have there loved ones get it for them. Lazy people make for a greedy country and less pride in one's self. Animals have pride just look at the male lion or the bull elephant or any male animal they all have pride but not our human men they are lazy now days even the women are lazy. What a shame to be so lazy you go beg uncle Sam for your check and food. That's the easy way out living off someone's pay check. They pay taxes so you can eat and have that free phone that they pay for. Greed is evil in all countries.

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