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  1. Masha Allah aapka kaam vakay kabile tarif h aur aapka Yeh kam Insaaniat m Bahut khub achcha fel huaa h Afsos agr Insaan Yeh kadm uthaya jaye tu samaj m koi bhi bhukha nahi soyega sabhi log ko jimmedar I se help ke liy aage aana chahiy

  2. wowow nice vidio ….. bro .. she said going to Indonesia ? well come to Bali and the rest of island Indonesia and actually im originally from Indonesia …… cheers from Canada …….

  3. Ms Domnic look like an angel and Mohd Quaza Moinuddine looks like Prophet Mohd’s descendant .
    May Allah bless for your heartily efforts..!!!

  4. I just wonder woh kon say aisay baydard log hay jinho nay itni naik kaam karnay walay insaan ki vedio ko dislike kiya? Anyways Mr Nawab may God bless you with a good health so that you can continue this amazing wonderful work ???

  5. This is the first you tube channel i have seen where some one cooks food always for poor peoples and not for himself……??????? now foreigners also contributing him for such a wonderful work….keep it up bro

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