Japanese Steak – THICK WAGYU BEEF at Shima Steak (西洋料理 島) — Best of Tokyo Food Tour!

Japanese Steak - THICK WAGYU BEEF at Shima Steak (西洋料理 島) — Best of Tokyo Food Tour!
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For this video, I was on the Best of Tokyo Food Tour with David from The Hungry Tourist. His tours are one of a kind and focus on deep high end food!

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Shima Steak (西洋料理 島) is a well, one of the must-eat wagyu beef steak restaurants in Tokyo, and it was an honor to be able to have a chance to eat there for lunch one day on this Tokyo food tour. You could either order the sirloin or the fillet, and I decided to go for the sirloin, because it’s known to be a little fatter and juicier.

The chef at Shima Steak (西洋料理 島) has developed his own unique grill for steak, where it’s a wood fire oven, but it grills and bakes at the same time. He cuts hugely thick slices of wagyu beef steak and then skewers them to cook in the oven grill.

It was one of the most tender, juicy, and insanely flavorful steaks I’ve ever had. And not only the food, but I really enjoyed the friendliness of the restaurant, the chef and his wife, and how it really felt like you were going over to your relatives or grandparents house to eat a top of the line Japanese beef wagyu steak.

Thanks for Khun Mangmoom (https://www.instagram.com/yingmangmoomofficial/) for letting me try the wagyu fillet!

For dessert, one of the things you can’t miss when you eat at Shima Steak is their world famous steak sandwich. You have to watch the full video to see how it’s made, but all I can say is that it will amaze you how much beef they stack into the sandwich and how they pack it into a to go box bento style. It’s mind blowing, and insanely delicious!

Price – about 12,000 JPY ($106.94) per steak

Thank you to The Hungry Tourist for inviting me on The Best of Tokyo Food Tour. I didn’t personally pay for the food in this video.

NOTE: I did not pay for the food in this video, it was part of the tour.

Thank you for watching!

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  1. How many open soars cuts and abrasions are on that cooks hands go back and look. I hate this guy his music expressions and comments are all garbage.

  2. Looks great but very, very fatty and rich. The Australian wagyu is superb and finds the perfect balance for me but the Japanese wagyu is top shelf, no argument from me but just personal preference. Try Jacks Creek Aussie wagyu. Voted best steak in the world recently I believe.

  3. Mark: Lucky You! You enjoy eating all those yummy foods around the world! I can only watch you enjoy it all on my phone. You have a truely wonderful job!!! ???⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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