Village Food in Malaysia – UNIQUE Malaysian Food in Terengganu, Malaysia

Village Food in Malaysia - UNIQUE Malaysian Food in Terengganu, Malaysia
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TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA – After an outstanding Malaysian street food tour in Terengganu the day before, the next day we took a day trip to Kuala Berang, a city of Terengganu known again for their tempoyak (fermented durian paste).

As you may know by now, I’m more than a little obsessed with tempoyak.

Restoran Aroma Kampung – We started the morning with breakfast at Restoran Aroma Kampung known for their freshwater catfish curry with tempoyak. We also ordered pretty much all the other dishes they offered, and the food was spectacular.
Total price – 40 MYR ($9.81)

Warisan Pahlawan Resort – But the real highlight of Malay food for the day was going to Warisan Pahlawan Resort where the Aunty is known as one of the best local food cooks in Kuala Berang. Again, she prepared for us local Malaysian food from Kuala Berang, nearly everything dish including huge amounts of fermented durian paste (tempoyak). It was a Malaysian meal of my dreams. She also wanted to cook for us a dish of bilimbi fruit, simmered with coconut milk, which was incredible.

This home-cooked village meal in Terengganu was one of the best meals of this trip to Malaysia. I loved the herbs, the Vietnamese coriander, the torch ginger, and of course, the fermented durian paste.

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  1. Mark you MUST MUST do Malaysian food Ramadhan (part 1) and Hari Raya (part 2) edition. More special delicious food will be available only for those two celebrations. Omg that will be so special.

  2. In sabah, sarawak… Why are most iban and bidayuh christians and only a few are malay? Nah, never mind, this question sounds bad. I am half bidayuh. I am very happy that you promoted malaysian unique cuisines. I have subscibed!

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