Raw Mango Pickle | Mango pickle |Country foods

Raw Mango Pickle | Mango pickle |Country foods
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Instant Mango Pickle by country foods


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  1. Why haven't you said anything about granny..you show yourself smiling and showing us all what you make..You really dont care for your Subscriber's for they ALL ASK YOU WHERE IS GRANNY..THESE PEOPLE CARE AN LOVE HER..So they have the right to know….So let the Subscriber's know whats going on with granny..They do have the right..These Subscribers will NOT stop watching you do not worry we all care and love your cooking..YOU CAN SMELL YOUR COOKING ALL OVER THE WORLD THAT HOW GOOD IT IS ??..So please let The Subscriber's know what they need to hear…thank you granddaughter..God bless

  2. I'm following this channel since 2 days and have subscribed it, I have a few suggestions like- mentioning the quantity of the ingredients along with the names of the ingredients because many of the videos lack this information or at least mention the information in the description space below the videos. Apart from this, I love this channel.

  3. have you noticed that since granny and her daughter have stopped cooking with as much meat, fat boy and his friends have stopped eating lol, I am actually glad, they were so rude to granny when she came back, since she has been feeding the children and younger men, everyone seems much happier and shows respect for granny and her daughter;s beautiful cooking,

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