Country Chicken Gravy | For Orphan Kids | Nawabs Kitchen

Country Chicken Gravy | For Orphan Kids | Nawabs Kitchen
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Country Chicken Gravy For Orphan Kids |Nawabs Kitchen


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  1. Ur so hygienic an clean u prepare the food stuffs an provide to the kids Awesome to C u Khwaja Bhai let God bless you with abundantly showers on you an ur family with lots of Love from K DINESH KUMAR an FAMILY FROM BANGALORE ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. U have lots of love for these children and u are doing so much for them . Only one request ??, please don’t show chickens hanging upside down and goats to be slaughtered before the receipes . These images are disturbing ???? A sincere request . Like your heart which is full of compassion for children, let it be compassionate for the animals too , before they become food . Love n blessings ❤️

  3. Sab sahi ha but chickens ko kam se kam ese latkana nahi chahiye Atleast Islam yeh bhi sikhata hai ki Animals ka Haqq Ada karo aur un par zulm na karo. Lekin hum yeh sab bhool gai hain aur Janwar ke saamne Janwar Ko kaatne Lage hain jo ki mana ha Islam me. Isliye next time please ese chickens ko na latkayen.

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