"Big Bad Wolf" Finds Love At Lockwood Animal Rescue | Wolves and Warriors

"Big Bad Wolf" Finds Love At Lockwood Animal Rescue | Wolves and Warriors
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Apache was rescued from a small concrete yard, where he was showing aggressive behaviour towards anyone who came near him. After having a painful broken tooth removed, Apache is let out into his new enclosure.

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  1. They're beautiful but i'd keep my distance. Lmao, one wolf (and most of the time they travel with others) could easily severely injure.

  2. Oi mate wolves are my favorite animals, not all animals that ate supposed to be vicious is vicious, I can jump a 8 feet Fence like one too.

  3. Such a beautiful thing to witness! The love and connection is so amazing you can see and feel it! God bless all these people and animals because we are losing our wildlife and if not for these people at these sanctuaries who devote there whole lives to try and save all these wild animals so we can have more hope and confidence that we may be able to save more and more wild life as long as we have these places and people tirelessly to save all they so there’s a future for these animals and for our planet really!

  4. You do
    You don't have to do go in there. That is stupid. It just got there hasn't had time to relax and you are going to go in with it. Well it has been around other people so that is good

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