Bad Drivers and Road Rage 2018 November #876

Bad Drivers and Road Rage 2018 November #876
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Bad Drivers and Road Rage 2018 November #876 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. The person filming at 2:40 is the asshole. He easily could’ve let the dude in and it would’ve solved the whole issue. Instead he decided to constantly speed up to save his spot like a little bitch

  2. What is the problem with those wanting to turn round and go back the other way? Have they forgotten that other people are going in the same direction? I had this happen to me several years ago in Belgium. The German driver in the Audi in front of me pulled over to the side of the road and just cut back in front of me. When we went to the police, at his insistence, he claimed that I had rear ended him. The police became less convinced when they saw that all the damage to his car was to the *front*. Fuckwit. Fortunately my car was made of stronger stuff so that only his car was appreciably damaged (possibly even totaled) when mine was barely scratched.

  3. Does anyone know the song played in the outro?? CCTube, please credit the song name and artist in description ?

  4. Why is it always the bully who can’t drive and forces his way in gets upset when he’s in the wrong and some one honks to let him know lol.

  5. Whenever I see the cam car getting bumped from behind, followed by a scream, I always look to see if there are Chinese characters on the license plates… 100% so far.

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