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  1. And how did they know it was starving? I call bullshit. Wasn't starving it was just playing. Why make it more crazy than it has to be. They didn't track it for 4 months so how could they come up with that nonsense.

  2. Stuart Brown must consider that there is no tied pray in nature. Polar bears use to catch their pray and their pray’s fear urge their killing instinct.

    These dogs are trained unnaturally. They are tied all their life and therefore they don’t have fear for any danger coming from outside when they are tied.

    Bear is facing with unnatural fact. That is all. The thing you are watching is not natural, don’t trick yourself. To create opinions along with nature is just blindness…

  3. I wrote about this play of the polar bear and the husky in my book, The Five Keys To Mindful Communication, and it is so good to see this video. I first saw this in National Geographic in 1992.

  4. It was a bit of a turn off that the narrator said the polar bear hand't eaten in awhile. That's somewhere between he has no clue or he's out rite lying because there's no way of telling and if anything the bear looks real plump ands healthy. This makes a beautiful moment look like a possible lie. I would like to see a video otherwise i'm still left wondering if it's all photo shopped. 

  5. In north central MN, when I used to go camping/fishing, I commonly saw raccoons and skunks paired up, in what seemed to be friendship, cooperative activities. I always find natural interspecies relationships fascinating.

  6. No, bears do this, wolves/dogs aren't their prey animals, they recognise them as fellow predators, there wasn't 'a relationship' the photogrpager Norbert Rosing, said the bear just came by and he was expecting it to attack his sled dogs. It's been noted before with wolves.

  7. Real of course. Man is the most vicious dangerous predator on this planet. Polar bears play with wolves, so why not Huskies. It's lonely out there for a polar bear.

  8. These are Brian Ladoon's Canadian Eskimo dogs in Churchill MB. I grew up here. The relationship is symbiotic and can be seen most years.

  9. the animals got along just fine….right up until man stepped in and "removed" the Polar Bears. The next Bears that came through hadnt formed a relationship with the dogs and slaughtered them.

  10. thats pretty cool,, I saw on a documentary before,, that this is a very common reaction between polar bears and sled dogs,

  11. Does this mean there is no purpose in nature?

    We say the purpose of ducks with webbed feet is to survive; its not the purpose, those with webbed feet made it out of the water.

    Was the purpose of those without webbed feet to die?

    I am studying animal behavior, and this part is odd. 😉

  12. Were all the huskies male? Would bear have eaten a bitch? "Play" is a human term, and can't really know what the motivation was with these animals. We know that kitten "play" is practice for actual stalking/killing. Maybe the bear was hoping the dogs would share food! I wonder if the dogs smelled of meat?

    Brown kept saying "this happened in NATURE" and yet the dog was chained. Hardly a "wild" thing. Yet domesticated animals are part of "nature" too, eh, just like the iPhone.

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