15-Hour Filipino Food Tour in Pampanga & Manila, Philippines – HUGE LECHON with Makansutra!

15-Hour Filipino Food Tour in Pampanga & Manila, Philippines - HUGE LECHON with Makansutra!
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Thank you for watching this 15 hour Filipino food tour with World Street Food Congress!
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►31 May – 4 June: If you happen to be in Manila from 31 May – 4 June, check out the World Street Food Congress 2017 event (http://wsfcongress.com/). There’s going to be some seriously delicious food from around the world there! I had another travel commitment during that time, so I won’t be able to attend, but I know the food will be awesome.

World Street Food Congress: http://wsfcongress.com/
KF Seetoh: https://www.instagram.com/kfseetoh/
Eat and Shout: https://www.instagram.com/eatandshout/

The World Street Food Congress and KF Seetoh from Singapore, invited me to attend a 15 hour Filipino food frenzy safari, and was excited to be a part of it! We started in Manila, then went to Pampanga for the main part of the tour, and then returned to Manila to eat more, and end with a grand finale lechon!

1. Bulaluhan sa España – We started off this Filipino food tour at about 7 am in Manila at a restaurant called Bulaluhan sa España, known for serving bulalo, a beef bone marrow soup. It was pretty tasty, a great way to get started, and my kind of a local restaurant.

2. Atching Lillian – Pampanga is known for being the food culinary capital of the Philippines, and we first went to Atching Lillian, who is legendary for preserving local cuisine. We had some interesting home-cooked Kampangan dishes, and some Filipino tamales.

3. Taldawa – This was probably my favorite stop on this Filipino food tour of Pampanga, a restaurant that specializes in goat and duck. The duck adobo and goat kaldereta were amazing.

4. 25 Seeds – On the food tour we had Chef Sau Del Rosario, a renowned Filipino chef from Pampanga, and just an awesome guy. We next went to his restaurant called 25 Seeds where we were treated to sisig paella, a creation by KF Seetoh and Chef Sau Del Rosario. It was an incredible combination.

5. Susie’s Cuisine – This place is well known throughout Pampanga for their Filipino desserts. I’m not big on desserts, but I tried a few bites, and that was about enough for me.

6. Makansutra Hawkers – Since this food tour event was also a press conference for the actual street food event, we then went to Makansutra Hawkers for a quick conference and more Malaysian / Singaporean food, which was excellent.
7. Zubuchon Lechon – I know there are infinite debates about Filipino lechon, or roast pig, but we went to a place that’s originally from Cebu, but they opened a branch in Manila, known as Zubuchon Lechon. It was pretty awesomely good, so extremely crunchy on the outside and creamy soft on the inside.

World Street Food Congress 2017 – If you’re in Manila from 31 May – 4 June 2017, don’t miss eating at World Street Food Congress 2017. It’s going to be a huge event, with a curated selection of street food hawkers that I can almost guarantee will impress your taste buds.

Thank you to Makansutra and the Philippine Department of Tourism for inviting me on this Filipino food tour!

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  1. My parents are kapampangan so i grew up with kapampangan food. For me they are the tastiest (may not be the healthiest though). Seldom now i can eat homemade kapampangan food, but when i do, i would almost always shed tears of happiness, because I remember my mothers dishes..

  2. Hi Mark, really loved your blogs about food..hope next time when you visit Manila, Philippines you try our Sinigang in different types like fish,meat,etc., and tinola…???

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