Woman Road Rage – Woman Driving Fails #3

Woman Road Rage - Woman Driving Fails #3
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Woman Road Rage – Woman Driving Fails #3 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Funny timing seeing this video in my suggestions… This afternoon, while I was stopped at a red light, I watched some woman turn left across all four lanes (making an improper lane change) and hit the horn at a driver properly turning right coming from the other side. Had they hit, she would probably have been shocked to know she was the one in the wrong.

  2. When you hear a typical uneducated street monkey bitch like the one at the end of this video, you can't help but to think that there is clearly a serious problem with the fact that they are at least 50,000 years behind in their evolution, and maybe even more for some breeds of the African street monkey!
    There must be a part of their brains that are still developing, that causes them to repeat the same few words, over and over again, especially when they become violent or are in heat. This blocks them from ever learning anything new, or even being able to absorb information into short term memory, since they seem to become stuck in this loop and nothing you tell them even registers.
    Perhaps a strong blow to the head might knock them out of this verbal loop, but it would be difficult to tell since there really isn't that much going on in their under developed brains to make the comparison.
    The female of the species seems to be the least developed since for the most part, all they can do is to reproduce, eat, and make foul disgusting sounds, which for all the other species and sub-species of humanoids, this would preclude any normal urges to mate, but with the street monkey, it somehow draws in the males who seem to like that nasty sound, and will at great risk to their lives, stick their disease riddled penis into these rotted flesh and nasty cheese scented fish holes.
    And while some people are still convinced that these sub-humans can eventually catch up in their development, it would seem from their recent behaviors that they are only moving backwards towards a more primitive state and may soon become a constant threat to the very survival of our civilization in the west. Cities like Detroit and Chicago seem to be the natural environment of the street monkey, where they are most at ease when they can live in a constant state of decay and chaos.
    Perhaps the best solution to the problems of the western street monkey would be to simply allow them to exterminate each other until they simply die out. Feeding them has only made the problems with their uncontrolled mating worse, since the males are turned on by the largest and sweatiest, most foul smelling asses among them. We call this overgrown version the "breeder cow" since eating and spitting out little chimps is all they seem to do with any real skill.

  3. 2:18 Mad because someone beeped their horn to get her attention so she didn't hit their car, then proceeds to show her nasty ass. Seems like a logical response. WTF! lol

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