Rice and Curry, Parasailing, and Sunset Dinner Cruise in Langkawi (Day 5)

Rice and Curry, Parasailing, and Sunset Dinner Cruise in Langkawi (Day 5)
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Day 5 traveling in Langkawi was one of the best days so far, with an amazing mix of Malaysian food, museums, adventure sports, and finally ending the day with a dinner sunset cruise and a relax time at the natural jacuzzi spa. We started the day for breakfast at a restaurant called Nasi Dagang Pak Malau, a beautiful little restaurant on the edge of the rice field that serves a Malaysian food called nasi dagang. The owner and his wife and family were extremely nice, and they welcomed us to their restaurant and served us an outstanding restaurant. So far, this is probably my favorite restaurant in Langkawi. Nasi dagang is typically supposed to just be rice with fish curry, but I also added in a hunk of mutton korma to make things even better. The rice was fragrant and the curries were outstanding (full video coming soon).

After a marvelous breakfast, we continued to Mahsuri’s Tomb and Museum, which is a very famous place to visit. I’m not sure I fully understand the full story yet, but it’s about a girl named Mahsuri, who was so beautiful that she was the center of jealousy on Langkawi island. She was sentenced to death because of her beauty, and as she died she laid a curse on Langkawi saying the island would be barren and unproductive for 7 generations. Somehow, that turned to be true, and just recently Langkawi finished 7 generations and has now become extremely prosperous and is one of the biggest tourism destinations in Malaysian now.

Naam Watersports is a fantastic watersports company in Langkawi, and they are extremely safe and knowledgeable about the sports they offer. It was my first time to go parasailing and it was an incredible experience. The views from above were amazing, and it was quite a thrilling ride as well. We spent a few minutes browsing through the Langkawi Craft Complex, and then went to the Mardi Agrotechnology Park, a fruit and vegetable farm. We took a short fruit tour, where we were able to see fruit trees, and then sample some fresh fruit right from the far. The farm was small, but fun to see, especially if you love fruit. For lunch we ate at Restoran Siti Fatimah, a local nasi campur (rice and curry) restaurant. I chose a few different fish dishes, piled them onto my rice, and ate them together with some herbs and chili sauce. This is one of my favorite styles of Malaysian food, it’s just so good.

After spending a few minutes at a waterfall, we then drove to the boat jetty to catch our sunset dinner cruise with Naam Watersports aboard the Sea Falcon. It was by far the nicest boat I had ever been on. The views of the ocean and the peacefulness of being on the boat was the real highlight for me. It was an amazing experience!

Thank you to everyone in this vlog:

Kash Island Adventures: http://new.kashislandadventures.com/
Naturally Langkawi: http://naturallylangkawi.my/
LADA: http://www.lada.gov.my/v2/

Nasi Dagang Pak Malau
Mahsuri’s Tomb and Museum
Naam Watersports: http://www.naam.bz/
Langkawi Craft Complex
Mardi Agrotechnology Park
Restoran Siti Fatimah
Evening Dinner Cruise with Naam Watersports: http://www.naam.bz/
Ayer Hangat Spa Village Jacuzzi

Note: I didn’t pay for anything in this video, it was sponsored by LADA (Langkawi Development Authority). But all videos and opinions are my own.


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  1. I just recently started watching your videos about two of my favorite things to do..eating and travelling..now i cant stop watching everyday lol..? Thanks for awesome vlogs and keep it up! Best regards to Ying and little Micah ?

  2. Thank you very much for the video Mark.


  3. I love seeing your videos for the pass 6 month my husband and i sit every evening u teach us so much of the work thank you need to go to Mexico more places

  4. Mark…your buddy Lester in California, I don't care what they say you have a Bigger and Vastenormouse Appetite with a Positive attitude for all the Foreign food for all these years I've seen your videos…and I've owned 4 International restaurants in my lifetime in 40 plus years and I give you my BEST WISHES for you your wife and Micka!!!!!!!!! :}

  5. 10:02 Being on a boat deck, having good lunch, overseeing the vast sea riddled with chain of small islands. Best feeling ever. Mark is enjoying life.

  6. Hi Mark, great vlogs of Langkawi. The fruit head of your beautiful wife Ying, was funny. The bath, is like the Natural Springs bathing tubs, in a Japan, called Onsens, looks very relaxing.

  7. Everytime I see you using your hands when you eat , it flashbacked me to my childhood. I don't use my hands anymore because I became "educated" and westernized. Where is my childhood?? I miss that young boy carefree, innocent and raw.

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